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Public App Review

Public App Review

The Public app has a lot going for it, but experienced investors will be underwhelmed. And that’s OK—Public doesn’t claim to be the most well-rounded choice.

ways to Invest $1K

8 Ways to Invest $1,000

A $1,000 investment can be the perfect way to save for a financial goal or jumpstart your retirement nest egg. Here are eight ways to invest $1K.

free financial advice

11 Ways to Get Free Financial Advice

Whether you're an experienced investor or just learning how to invest, these 11 resources show how to get free financial advice to reach your goals faster.

mega backdoor roth ira

Mega Backdoor Roth: What Is It, How It Works, What to Consider

A mega backdoor Roth lets you save an extra $43,500 in 2023, but not all workplace plans allow them.

best online brokers

12 Best Online Brokers and Stock Trading Platforms in January 2024

The best online brokers offer a full range of investments, low fees, and user-friendly trading platforms. Here are our top picks for online brokers in 2024.

best roth ira accounts

Best Roth IRA Accounts for January 2024

The best Roth IRA accounts come with low starting balance requirements, minimal fees (or no fees), and ample investment options and tools.

Dividend king

Dividend Kings List 2023: The Most Elite Group of Dividend-Paying Stocks

A dividend king is a stock that has increased its shareholder dividends for at least 50 years in a row. Learn more about this exclusive group of stocks and how to invest.

Alternative Investment

8 Alternative Investments for January 2024

Alternative investments offer another investing option beyond traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds. Alternatives can help investors diversify their portfolios.

man looking at laptop deciding between stocks or ETFs

ETFs vs Stocks: Pros & Cons of Individual Stocks vs. Funds

Stocks and ETFs have some similarities but are very different. Here’s what you need to know about stocks vs ETFs and your investing strategy.

What Are I Bonds? All You Need To Know

Learn how to benefit from high inflation with Series I Bonds, including tax benefits, annual purchase limits, and ways to avoid penalties.

income investing

What is Income Investing?

Income investing is a means for investors to generate ongoing income and cash flow from all or a portion of their investment portfolio.

required minimum distribution for IRA

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) 2024: Definition, Calculation, and Implications

Newly revised tax laws require you to take money from your retirement accounts once you turn 73. By calculating your RMD, you’ll avoid a tax pitfall.

backdoor roth ir

What Is A Backdoor Roth IRA? Benefits, Limits, Conversion

The backdoor Roth IRA is a technique to allow taxpayers who earn too much to contribute directly to a Roth IRA to still be able to contribute to one using a backdoor approach.

savings bonds complete guide

How Do Savings Bonds Work? An Essential Guide.

Savings bonds offer a safe haven with guarantees of principal and interest payments. Learn about the types of bonds, how they work and how to buy them.

Stock Market Sectors List

A List of 11 GISC Stock Market Sectors

One way to encourage portfolio diversification is to add stocks from different sectors. There are 11 stock market sectors and understanding them can potentially help you become a better investor.

ira to buy a home

Can You (And Should You) Use an IRA to Buy a Home?

The issue of whether you can use an IRA, or if you should use your IRA to buy a house is complicated. It's important to understand all sides of this issue before making a decision.

how many stocks should I own

Portfolio Diversification: How Many (& Which) Stocks Should You Own?

How many stocks do you have in your portfolio? Financial advisors generally recommend 20 to 30. But the specific number will depend on your investment goals and intended portfolio composition.

dividend stocks

What Are Dividend Stocks, How They Work And How To Invest In Them

Dividend stocks are companies that make regular payouts to their shareholders. But not all dividend-paying stocks are worth investing in.

Best Long Term Investments

5 Best Long Term Investments To Add To Your Portfolio in 2023

Will the 2023 investment picture look like 2022? If not, you’ll need to be positioned in the best long-term investments for 2023.

investing for beginners

8 Best Investments for Beginners

Investing your money can seem unsettling if you’re not sure which route to take. The best investments for beginners will help you get started.

popular crypto scams

What Are the Most Popular Crypto Scams to Watch For in 2024

Crypto scams take on my forms, including phishing scams, giveaway scams and more. Find out which cryptocurrency scams are most prevalent so far in 2024.

best way to earn interest on your money

6 Best Ways to Earn Interest On Your Money in 2024

The best way to earn interest on your money depends on your savings goals, but these six options may provide a great return.

pros cons annuitie

The Pros and Cons of Annuities

Annuities can help supplement your retirement income, but how do you know if it’s a good option for you? Learn more about the pros and cons of annuities.

Robinhood Review: Pros, Cons, and If It's The Right Platform for You

This review will provide a balanced evaluation of Robinhood, including a deep dive into the pros and cons of the broker’s app and whether it’s the right choice for you.

how to invest 20k

10 Ways to Invest $20,000

Looking for the best way to invest $20K? Here are 10 options to consider for growing your money and reaching your goals.