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Who we are

TIME Stamped is a project to make perplexing choices less perplexing by supplying our readers with trusted reviews and common sense information. We write all our articles to be unbiased, accurate, and inclusive. We are editorially independent of the TIME newsroom. Our editorial team, working with subject matter experts from every background, aims to transform how you source quality information about products, goods and services so that you get more than meets the eye.

How we make our recommendations

We have a rigorous process for testing products, analyzing companies, and making credit card recommendations. Writers have prior knowledge of the field they are covering and hands-on testing of products is conducted whenever possible.

How we make money

The articles found on TIME Stamped include affiliate links, and we receive a commission when products are purchased through those links, at no additional cost to the purchaser.


TIME has partnered with Taboola Turnkey Commerce to produce TIME Stamped.