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Dawson City circa 1900's

Caribou Hotel in Carcross. Caribou has a long and interesting history. It was established in 1901 and owned by celebrated gold seeker Dawson Charlie (whose discovery of gold in 1896 sparked the Klondike Gold Rush) from 1903 until his death in 1908. Caribou was consumed by fire on Christmas Eve of the following year, rebuilt in 1910 by Edwin and Bessie Gideon. It became home to famous parrot Polly in 1918, when Captain James Alexander and his wife asked the Gideons to mind the bird while they went abroad—a trip from which they never returned alive. Bessie Gideon died here in 1933 and it is her shy apparition that is said to haunt the third floor of this hotel, gazing out the windows and banging on the floorboards.

Parks Canada Buildings in Dawson City. There are many historical buildings in this city’s area that have been said to be haunted by visitors, but there are a few places that are more prominent than other locations. The first historical building is the Commissioner’s Residence. Anyone will tell tourists that the place is beautiful inside, but few will venture inside. It was built at the turn of the century and the last commissioner to stay there was the Blacks in 1916. After that it was used as senior citizens home. Specters have been reported by witnesses as well as disembodied voices, and footsteps on the higher floors. The second historical building to be focused upon is the Palace Grand Theatre. Visitors have said that Klondike Kate’s ghost wanders around her former dressing room. She was welcomed to the “Paris of the North” with great acclaim. She was a wonderful show person and died at age eighty. The theater open in 1899 and is now housing performances that reflect the old west. Klondike Kate’s “hay-day” was most certainly at this hotel and so it is where she stays. There are many other buildings to be seen (such as the Administration Building), but none so haunted as these two areas.

Westminster Hotel in Dawson City. This hotel came to Dawson City and was set up (as all things in Dawson City were) as a direct result of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898. It was officially registered three years later and is also known by its other name, “The Pit”. It was a grocery store in the very beginning with some rooms to let upstairs, but not enough to call it a hotel. It floats on ice and is considered to be preserved in the best condition as possible. Other paranormal activities are disembodied voices, things going bump in the night, and objects moving through the rooms have also been reported by witnesses.

Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre in Whitehorse. There is a haunted barrack at this place. Before this place was a cadet summer training centre, it was a youth detention centre. Witnesses have said that an inmate hung himself from the rafters in the B2 barracks. Many witnesses have also claimed that there is the sound of this inmate calling out in the middle of the night.



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