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Ydex (pronounced ‘eedex’ or possibly ‘yeedex’ I was never…

Ydex (pronounced ‘eedex’ or possibly ‘yeedex’ I was never entirely sure) is a witch who due to a magical talisman can channel the properties of lizards. This includes camouflage, claws, growing a tail, regrowing limbs, sticking to the ceiling, and having very odd eyes. I was paid in vodka to draw this comic. I drew three issues and it never went anywhere but it was a lot of fun =) In this cover she has just been on a heist to steal the magical talisman from a warlock minotaur (as you do…)

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
Ydex (pronounced ‘eedex’ or possibly ‘yeedex’ I was never…

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