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Women’s Ghost Haunts Scrap Yard

Women's Ghost Haunts Scrap Yard

Taroni’s in Aston

Women’s Ghost Haunts Scrap Yard

Workers at this Birmingham scrap metal business finally have their proof that their building is haunted.

It was Wesley Topham who was taking a few pictures of the building for the company’s website that spotted the apparition looking out the upstairs window.

Showing his find to Chris Ward, the business manager and his uncle, has everybody there wondering if they need to call in the help of a medium.

Taroni’s in Aston's ghost

Five men work at the metal recycler, and all said they have witnesses unnatural occurrences on the premises, from cold spots to strange bangs echoing through out the building.

Just recently the guys arrived at work to find the a smashed toilet and the place flooded, and yet no alarms were triggered of which Chris said there are plenty.

Chris said he believes that the ghost resides mainly on the buildings second level adding, “I’d think twice about going up there at night and one guy refused to go up there at all.”

Taroni’s in Aston's ghost

“One customer came out absolutely white-faced. He claimed something had come out of the wall.”

“There’s definitely something going on. You go up there and the temperature drops so much you have to catch your breath.”

“We’ve been here six years and when the previous owners visited, their first question was, ‘have you seen the ghost?’”

A local medium believes that the site is haunted by a little boy.

While visitors to the company’s Facebook page say can see a second ghostly image, to the left of the woman. With Julie Topham saying, “It’s a boy, such a sad soul. He was very hungry and left to fend for himself. He got trapped and burned in a fire.”

But there is no explanation as who the ghostly woman is, and some staff think it maybe related to the metal coffin dropped of for scrape.

When the coffin was opened it was empty except for some funeral parlour papers from Trinidad.

Stan Baldwin said “I’ve worked here for 20 years, off and on, and it’s the first time I’ve had a coffin handed in.”

“We think someone went to the trouble, and expense, to have it brought over here, then realized they couldn’t use it, because it’s illegal in England to use it because it’s not biodegradable.”




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Women’s Ghost Haunts Scrap Yard

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