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Why I don’t Believe In Ghosts

cannibalforthemasses submitted:

I don’t believe in ghosts but I can’t deny a few strange things that have happened to me.
When I was a child I would often wake around 4am when the house was still pitched black and hear voices in the living room.
It sounded like a man and a woman conversing with one another but when I would go into the living room, no one was there. Yet after some time I could hear them again, whispering to each other.
Each time this happened I was far too terrified to ever go back to sleep. I never remember a night where the voices stopped, I just started listening to music or turning on a fan to fall asleep. To this day I still sleep with a fan.
When was a kid I also never liked to close the door to my room completely because someone would like to knock on it. I would be playing and someone would knock three times very softly. I blamed my little brother, or maybe even my parents but one day when they were all outside playing catch I didn’t know how to explain the noises.
Another common occurrence was the “breathing”.
As a kid and even a few times as a teenager I would hear what sounded like someone breathing behind me, always when I was alone. The most notable occurrence was when I was home sick with my mother. She was in her bathroom taking a shower. I was laying on the coach, closing my eyes and trying to sleep but still very much wide awake.
Out of nowhere I felt the hot breath of a man, like someone was leaning over me and blowing out a soft breath on my face. I say a man because I heard a soft sigh. It was also interesting because you know that feeling you get when, you don’t see them but you know someone is in the room with you. I knew someone was there. When I opened my eyes however the room was empty.
I told these occurrences to one of my friends, who does believe in the paranormal and she told me something that gives me chills to this day.
“I think you don’t believe in ghosts because to do so would mean you would have to admit they’ve been following you around your whole life.”

FYNK James: 8/10 That is a really good line at the end. Nice. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Why I don’t Believe In Ghosts

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