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Who was singing?

chansoosdaughter submitted:

My sibling’s and my room are only separated from each other by curtains,so every movement from each of our rooms can be heard in the others, I take sleeping medication but two days ago I forgot to take one so I couldn’t sleep.
I was in my room wide awake staring at the ceiling when I see by the corner of my eye my sister coming to my room, she comes and stands right next to bed and starts singing a song I’ve never heard before but I remember it was something about the moon.
I just stared at her without knowing what was going on and when I tried to move or to say something I realized I couldn’t, I was like frozen, it was like one of those livid dreams, my sister kept singing and I got to close my eyes till I didn’t hear her anymore and when I opened them again I was alone in my room and there was complete silence.
The next day I Was just hanging around with my siblings when my sister asks me: Where you singing last night at midnight? Before I could answer my brother said: Yes I heard you singing too, around three in the morning.
That’s the time when I had what I thought was a livid dream.

FYNK James: 8/10 This is kind of delightful. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Who was singing?

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