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White Feather

petesy submitted:

Back in the day I was friend with a girl, N., who claimed her previous home was haunted and that she could feel the presence of ghosts and sometimes even saw one. Luckily, the scariest thing about my own house were the spiders in the basement – nothing paranormal, my house had no known history of being haunted. So far.

One afternoon, N. and I were playing badminton outside, but it quickly got too windy so we retreated to the old big shack right behind my house. I played with my back facing the only window (one of those long narrow windows near the ceiling) , and my friend N. was opposite me, facing the window. After just two minutes of playing, she suddenly screamed: ‘there’s a man!’ I thought it must be one of my Uncles, so I turned around and saw nothing. N. started screaming and crying and begging me to get away from the window. ‘There’s a white man staring inside!’

Of course, I didn’t believe it, because I couldn’t even see it myself, but she was so convinced of what she was seeing that she got me very frightened as well. Once I’d calmed her down and eventually she claimed the man’s image had disappeared again. She saw a face that was completely white, with a hawk-like nose, and that he wore some sort of white hood and appeared to be floating (otherwise he couldn’t have reached that one high window). I was freaked out as fuck and parked my bike outside of the shack for at least a month. My friend refused to enter through the back door, claiming she felt a presence that didn’t want her there.

A couple of weeks later, I told this story to my Mum, who laughed and said: ‘that’s funny, when you were a kid you would play with an imaginary man in the garden, and you called him White Feather the Indian.“ 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 Thanks for sharing the scare!




by cnkguy
White Feather

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