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I had this incident in my school (I guess I can call this my first encounter) I was in sixth grade when this happened, in my school you got detention for stupid things like chewing gum,wrong uniform, etc. I was serving detention for refusing to spit out my tasty juicy fruit gum. (Who the hell spits out a fresh juicy fruit?)

Anyways I was serving detention with two friends I’ll call them Raymond and Emily, the last part of our detention was to put up all the chairs in the room. They finished their side I was putting up two more before packing my stuff, as I was doing so I didn’t realize I was alone in the room. Suddenly I hear something whisper my name so close to my ear I jumped a few feet back. I went for the door handle to find it locked as if it was locked from the inside which was impossible because detention was held in a fire exit room which didn’t even come with a lock.

At first I thought it was Raymond and Emily playing some sort of prank on me but that’s when I realized I was in the room alone, I took my stuff and struggled to open the door. Finally after about 3 minutes the handle turned and I headed out of the room thinking that maybe they where standing outside holding the door closed but as I do so and look down the hallway there’s no one there besides the afternoon janitor cleaning up at the end of the hallway.

Fuck Yeah Nightmare Moderator Gracie:3/10 i would have been scared and freaking out if i heard my name being whispered and i couldn’t get a door open that i knew should be unlocked. Thanks for the chills!




by cnkguy

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