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Where is my shadow man?


Tiffany submitted:

I am going to tell you about my shadow man and how he went missing, and why this scares me so badly.  

I have always had strange things happen around me that I could never explain. Things moving without help, people talking when I am home alone, lights turning off and on. When I was about 15 is when I first saw him, the shadow man. He scared me at first, but he never did anything. I would often see him in my bedroom doorway. We moved around a lot and that was when he would visit most. When I started seeing him, the other things just stopped. I eventually stopped being afraid of him, even thought of him more like a watchful friend. We would move and he would hang around a lot at first and then I would only see him once in a while. It was nice. This went on for almost 10 years, him watching over me everywhere I went. Then last year I moved again into a place where I’ve never seen my shadow man. This place seemed fine the first week or so, but I did noticed that my shadow man wasn’t watching me here. Then the noises started. Giggling girls in the hall and sometimes by my bed. At night, during the day, almost always when I was alone or the only one awake. They would run the halls and play. It was creepy but tolerable. Then the old woman came about a month later. I don’t like her, she stares at me and I get a bad feeling from her. She hangs around my boys room a lot. But the real issue is the imp in the kitchen. A little info about this house, when you are upstairs you can see all of the living room downstairs from the open air hallway, but that is all. When you get to get to the downstairs landing is when you can see the kitchen and dinning room. One night I came downstairs for a bottle of water and when I stood on the landing I saw something. He was only about 3ft tall. Skinny, like he has never eaten in his life. Hunched over like an old woman. Dark, not like a shadow, but deeper… darker than the shadows. I stood there looking at it, not sure what I should do. I didn’t want to turn my back on it, I just knew that was a bad idea. I didn’t want to walk past it to get my drink. After a few minutes it jumped behind the kitchen bar and out of sight. I ran so fast back to my room. Ever since that night, things move again. Strange noises can be heard by everyone in the house and they all sounds like they come from the kitchen. Cupboards open when no one is home, drawers have things moved to different drawers. I no longer feel safe in my home. I feel like it is getting worse every day. Even as I type this, I feel something evil is watching me. I miss my shadow man. Did he know this was a place he could not enter? Did he try to follow and something is stopping him like he used to stop other things? I wish we could move sooner… I hope my shadow man returns when we do.

FYNK James: 8/10 Ooh, imps are different. Very scary. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Where is my shadow man?

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