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Where are you now?

marble submitted :

A while ago, about a year after I graduated, I had a very normal dream.

I was standing in the foyer of one of the science buildings in the university I went to (I’m from the UK), on a bright, cold morning. I saw a friend of mine coming, and he stopped to talk. His name is Ben; I met him because of a common lecture and we’d always walk part of the way home together and get distracted talking, standing on the corner for ages.

Obviously, dreams aren’t the same as reality, and Ben was wearing a coat that I’d never seen before, a big winter one with fur around the hood. He looked very happy, very healthy. He asked me where I was and what I was doing now, and in turn I asked him.

I can’t remember the exact words, but I know he told me, “I’m somewhere nice, it’s really good there. It’s warm, and I can play Skyrim as much as I like.” (He was massively excited when it came out.)

Now, I woke up feeling fine – it’s always fun to meet someone in a dream, especially someone you haven’t seen for a while – until I realised there’s one problem:

Ben is dead.

He was ill while we were in uni; a whole host of birth defects including mising heart chambers and compromised immune system, and often had to take time off to go to hospital. A few months before our finals, he passed away on the operating table during a routine procedure; I cried when I read the email from our tutor.

But I’m glad that there’s Skyrim in the afterlife.

James: 6/10 That is sad, I’m happy there is Skyrim in the afterlife too (hopefully Elder Scrolls VI as well). Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy
Where are you now?

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