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Where are the Seven Gates of Hell Located?Many over the past few centuries tell that the Seven Gates…

Where are the Seven Gates of Hell Located?

Many over the past few centuries tell that the Seven Gates of Hell or each located on one of each of the continents. The seven traditional continents are (from largest in size to smallest): Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. That Means That there is one Gate of Hell for each Continent respectively.

But over the years many strange tales have arisen concerning their specific location and what happens to you if you dare to find them. Truth or fiction the tales often grow with each telling. Many forums, blogs and message boards are filled with the evil’s and misconceptions of what a doorway to hell is really like and where it might be found.

The Gate to Hell in Africa many say is located in Egypt. The exact locations said by many would be gate searchers is thought to be located directly under the left paw of the great Sphinx. This Horrific Gate is known to be Called the Gate to The Underworld or After Life, the great hall of records. To this date no one has entered it or found it.

It is situated near the small town of Darvaz. The story of this place lasts already for 35 years. Once the geologists were drilling for gas. Then suddenly during the drilling they have found an underground cavern, it was so big that all the drilling site with all the equipment and camps got deep deep under the ground. None dared to go down there because the cavern was filled with gas. So they ignited it so that no poisonous gas could come out of the hole, and since then, it’s burning, already for 35 years without any pause. Nobody knows how many tons of excellent gas has been burned for all those years but it just seems to be infinite there.

The Gate of hell in Asia is located in Aokigahara, also known as the Sea of Trees, is a forest that lies at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The caverns found in this forest are rocky and ice-covered annually. It has been claimed by local residents and visitors that the woods are host to a great amount of paranormal phenomena. It is an old ancient forest reportedly haunted by many urban historical legends of strange beasts, monsters, ghosts, and goblins, which add to its serious and sinister reputation.

Some in the world will tell you it is one of the actual seven gates to hell! The location is said to haunted by demons as well as ghosts. These demons or those that make you take your life. I found these forest to be very disturbing and in my mind what a hideous place of beauty for a infernal hole to hell to be in.

Near or under the Great Temple Mount In Israel. One if the possible gates to hell is called Satan’s Front Door. Some scholars will argue that this door was once in Rome and Moved to the Holy land when Israel Became a State 14 May 1948. It is Believed it took 2 thousand legions of demons and Devil’s to move the great gate because it is the most powerful and strongest doors that Satan has for gaining souls. When it Was Rome their were two gates of hell on the continent and it is believe that the great Caesar’s had it originally moved there when they found it in The Holy Land originally.

In 1867, a team from the Royal Engineers, led by Lieutenant Charles Warren (later the London police commissioner of Jack the Ripper fame) and financed by the Palestine Exploration Fund (P.E.F.), discovered a series of tunnels beneath Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, some of which were directly underneath the headquarters of the Knights Templar.

Various small artifacts were found which indicated that Templar’s had used some of the tunnels, though it is unclear who exactly first dug them. Some of the ruins which Warren discovered came from centuries earlier, and other tunnels which his team discovered had evidently been used for a water system, as they led to a series of cisterns.

The Gate to Hell is by many thought to be located in Europe. And it is hidden in Pere Lachaise Paris Cemetery Paris. It is said to be a great grand gate with very notable significance. this gate is said to be the one that all great heads of state must enter through when they die. And through this gate World Leaders must be judged by the Devil first and not God. Many tales tell of vampire-like entities guarding the entrance. Some believe that the Underground catacombs of Paris are the true gates but many beg to differ.

Some searchers believe that the actual Hellfire Caves Buckinghamshire, England is a indirect gate to Hell. Some call it a side door to the dark underworld of Satan.

West Wycombe Caves, also known as Hellfire Caves, located in the Chiltern Hills, Buckinghamshire, England, are most well known as a meeting place for members of The Hellfire Club. The caves were extended by Sir Francis Dashwood (later Lord le Despencer) between 1748–1752. They provided work for unemployed farm workers following a succession of harvest failures, and lie close to Dashwood’s country house, West Wycombe Park (now owned by the National Trust). The chalk mines that were extended to form the caves had existed near High Wycombe for a considerable time. The mines are said to have a prehistoric origin, and were presumably created to extract the flint found in the chalk to make hand tools. Locally, flint is used as a building material.

The entrance to the caves is built from flint, and St Lawrence’s church, above the Inner Temple, is also built using flint. Due to the extensive alterations made by Dashwood, all evidence of the caves’ earlier history seem to have been destroyed. The underground “rooms” are named, from the Entrance Hall, through the Circle, Franklin’s Cave (named after Benjamin Franklin, a friend of Dashwood who stayed with him at West Wycombe), the Banqueting Hall, the Triangle, to the Miner’s Cave; finally, across a subterranean river named the Styx, lies the final cave, the Inner Temple. An alternative viewpoint was advanced by Daniel P Mannix in his book about The Hellfire Club. This theory suggests that the caves had been deliberately created by Dashwood according to a sexual design.The design begins at the ‘womb’ of the Banqueting Hall, leading to rebirth through the female triangle, followed by baptism in the River Styx and the pleasures thereafter of the Inner Temple.

This theory is not mentioned in National Trust literature and is allegedly refuted by the Dashwood family.The flint mining theory is also questionable because the Chiltern Hills flint bed overlays the chalk escarpment and does not have to be mined except by means of small open flint dells of which there are many on the area.The caves were refurbished and made suitable for visitors during the 1950s by the late Sir Francis Dashwood, 11th Baronet.

They are now open as a tourist attraction, with life-sized waxwork figures in period costume illustrating the life of the caves in the 18th century. The caves have attracted over 2 million visitors since 1951.

The Gate to Hell in South America is located in Rio de Janeiro. Harbour of Rio de Janeiro is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. The actual open gate yo hell is said to be near where the world famous “Christ the Redeemer” Statue stands. Some say the entrance is in an underwater cave or hidden near the top of Corcovado Peak. Locals believe that during the festival of Carnival the gate swings open to trap those that or unaware of it’s location who deserve to be taken to hell alive.

The gate has also been thought to be located at Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, Angel Falls, the Nazca lines are thought by some to point the way, Galapagos, along the Amazon which is thought to originate or flow into the river Styx, Patagonia, Andes .

The North American Gate is said to be located at or very near the Tomb Of the great Voodoo – Hoodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. Many say it is the doorway to the home of the eternally tortured and living dead. Many old tales tell of strange monsters issuing from the infernal gates. Vampires zombies and a host of Ghede and strange half dead beings.

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Where are the Seven Gates of Hell Located?Many over the past few centuries tell that the Seven Gates…

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