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What Does It Feel Like When You Are About To Die

axe murderer

What Does It Feel Like When You Are About To Die

What Does It Feel Like When You Are About To Die

Ok, your partway through a horror movie and you just seen the axe murderer chop up hit 5th victim, so know your wondering what does it really feel like to do die?

Well some scientists believe they have figured it out and they even made a video to explain what it will feel like to die!

Made by the American Chemical Society, it explains how you brain’s chemistry changes as you realize your end is here.

First they say you’ll get an intense sense of fear, which is a natural an evolutionary response that readies your body to react or run away.

Your heart rate rises sharply and provides your body with huge amounts of energy in order to help you survive this crises.

Sometimes it can be so intense it will cause a ‘freeze’ response, which is also an instinctive response to hide from predators.

Next you’ll probably start screaming, “We perceive screams in a completely different part of the brain to language,” the video explains.

“Unlike normal speech, screams go from your ears to the amygdala, which is the brain’s emergency center.”

Screams are a very basic instinct, and cause others to be fearful and react. Now lets say your axe murderer has inflicted a fatal blow, and your lying dead on the floor.

Assuming your brain is still intact you’d be called clinically dead. Of course your brain is still working, and scientists believe that the brain undergoes a final surge which can be called consciousness.

“Some folks believe this is an explanation for near-death experiences.”

the next part is called biological death, and after that is anyone’s guess.




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What Does It Feel Like When You Are About To Die

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