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What are Hobart's most famous ghost stories?

What are Hobart’s most famous ghost stories?:

Hobart’s convict history and grand old buildings make for
ripper spooky stories, so it is not surprising ghost tours have popped up
around Hobart’s Battery Point, the Hobart penitentiary, Willow Court Asylum and
nearby Port Arthur Historic Site.

An anonymous questioner asked Curious Hobart about the
city’s most famous ghost stories and haunted houses.

The owner of Ghost Tours of Hobart and Battery Point,
Jacques Imbriotis, is convinced Hobart is one of the most haunted places in

“We have a lot of old buildings that are almost as
they were when that person moved on,” he said.

“They’re the boards that they walked when they were
living and they continue to do that when they’re dead.”

So where are the sites of Hobart’s most famous ghost

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Source: Equinox Paranormal

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What are Hobart's most famous ghost stories?

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