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Welcome to the family

gayrapunzel  Submitted:

This is more humorous than scary, but I felt like sharing.

My mom used to live in a farmhouse, but went to college in the city. My dad, her boyfriend at the time, spent the night at her farmhouse and as you can imagine, they didn’t use the night entirely for sleeping. *cough cough*
The morning after, my dad went down to the kitchen and said hello to my mother’s mother, my grandmother, who looked at him, gave him kind of a nasty eye and then ignored him completely. He figured the mother in law wasn’t very happy with him fooling around with her daughter, so he just sheepishly sat down at the table and waited for my mom to wake up.
When my mom did, she introduced my dad to my grandma formally, and grandma was suddenly all smiles and friendliness. When asked why she was so cold earlier, she said she thought my dad was just a ghost, because his eyes are a very light, kind of creepy blue. My dad thought that explained it, until he realized that she hadn’t been scared of him, just indifferent and kind of annoyed, like she was totally used to ghosts walking into her kitchen. Because she was.

And then there was an uncomfortable talk of how my mother and grandma apparently see ghosts a lot and my dad accidentally became a part of a somewhat psychic family. Not how he thought the first breakfast with the in-laws would go.

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by cnkguy
Welcome to the family

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