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Watching my grandmother


holyfudgebatman submitted:

Quick backstory; my mother had just recently brought my sick grandmother from the Caribbean’s to live with us in our apartment in NYC. She’s been sleeping in my brother’s room who is away for college, and my sister and I share a room together where there is a window right near me, where I can clearly see inside my kitchen window from the other side of our apartment. And I have this neurotic tendency of looking out my window, to check out the kitchen window in the middle of the night to have a sense what time it is and whether my dad is awake or not. One of the kitchen’s light is kept on until my father passes by to get his usual glass of water which he does so every night after watching his late night programs. By 2am or so, my dad already had passed by to get his drink which means he is going to bed. Therefore, I know that when the lights are on—it’s still not that late and my dad is awake. When the kitchen lights are off, it means it is after 2am, and my dad is asleep.

So during the fall that just passed, it was a November night, I remember because my birthday was nearing, and I had just woken up in the middle of the night. You know those moments when you wake up not even realizing when or how soon you went to bed but it feels like you have only been sleeping for a few minutes? Well it was one of those moments for me. I wake up, though I’m still half asleep, scratching my head because it kept feeling like someone was pulling my hair or something. Kind of like when a hair strand gets caught and it itches and hurts at the same time. I finally sit up with my eyes still shut and untie and re tie my hair to fix it all while sensing how weird and awkward I felt at the moment inside my room.

The last thing I remembered was lying in bed, while faintly listening to the music my sister was playing from her computer with the lights brightly lit on. And now all of a sudden, the room is pitch black with no music, everything quiet, and my sister asleep in the bed next to mine. I wondered briefly what time it was and looked over to my window to check if the lights from the kitchen were off. They were. And that meant I was the only one awake inside the apartment. I debate whether to get up and go and charge my cellphone but I felt too comfortable in my bed, so I just lie back down and snuggle beneath my comforters instead.

It was then while lying down, after I felt my hair strand being pulled and I started scratching again. I am scratching my head while trying to fall back to sleep when I noticed in the corner of my eyes that the kitchen lights flicked back on. I sit up, confused to see who was in the kitchen but I don’t see anyone. After a few moments though, I see a quick figure pass by and a moment after the lights flick off. I quickly assume it’s just my father probably going back because he forgotten something.

But as soon as I lie back to bed I noticed something white in the corner of my eye. I look, and about 12 feet away across from my bed– next to my closet–is my grandmother. I remember feeling scared and confused, wondering why is this lady in my room in the middle of night. And why is the door close? And how did she get in here? I look at my grandmother in her whiteish long dress like she usually wears to bed, but I can’t make out her expression, just her features and small round figure.

I call out “Mama?” And ask “Que Pasa?” which means “what’s wrong?” in Spanish. But she doesn’t respond she just stands there by the wall.

I’m freaking out watching her, thinking maybe I’m imagining things or I am sleeping. So I’m like blinking and shaking and calling out “Mama, mama” but she doesn’t move. She’s just staring at me, her features completely blank. At this point I’m scared as hell. But I don’t start freaking out until I notice how close she is to me all of sudden. And then after a second, she is getting closer and closer. I finally scream and kind of like move around the bed and shaking all while screaming and trying protect myself when all of a sudden, she’s not there; its pretty much like she disappeared out of thin air as cliché as it sounds.

I want to turn on the lights and feel safe, but they are in the center of the room and I’m just frozen on my bed– wondering what the heck just happened? I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming. I was panting and breathing as if I woke up from a nightmare, but the room literally felt like someone was just in here. So I pull the covers over my head and just blankly stare at my pillow trying not cry while also trying to process what just happened.

I think back and remember to when my grandmother told me about how in the small village she was from in the Dominican Republic, it was common for people to be visited by their loved ones right before their deaths. I wonder for a second if what I just experienced was that, and after some hesitation, I get up from my bed, in the pitch dark and struggle to go into my brother’s room. I say struggle, because it was not easy walking out of my room, in the dark—trying to turn on every light as I passed but I wasn’t going back to sleep wandering if my grandmother is dead. Or worse, her ghost visiting me.

So I make it pass the hallway to the living room, where I noticed that the kitchen lights are on. I call out for my dad but there is no one in the kitchen. I enter my brother’s room to check if my grandmother is alive. Which might sound silly to read but it was the sanest thing for me at that time, despite I am not even superstitious. It just felt like the right thing to do. I walk in to find however that she is not there. I freak out like crazy, run to my parent’s room, only to find that their room was pitch back. And after turning on the lights, I see they’re not there either.  

There are no words to describe what I was feeling at that moment—just tremendous fear and terror. I anxiously went back to my room, and happy to finally see that someone other than me was here, I wake my sister up. I’m just sweating and going “ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod” and asking where everyone was. It took her a while to wake up from sleep but she finally explained to me how our grandmother had gotten sick while I was sleeping and that our parents went to take her to the hospital.

I thought back to my little experience earlier and seeing my grandmother in my room and everything and just started crying. I quickly called my mother on her cell—she did not pick up. I called my dad—he did not pick up. It was after a couple of long minutes that my phone started ringing and it was my dad calling back, explaining everything to me; how my parents had to take my grandmother to the hospital after she kept crying in pain. This all happened before midnight, and they just found out now that she will be okay but has to spend the night for further studies—so they were on their way home now.  

I felt a big chunk of relief, but at the same time, I still felt Goosebumps all over my entire body by just the thought of the connection there was with my little ‘dream’ and her getting sick. It felt so realistic, just everything—from the kitchen lights being off and then on, to me waking up in the dark and feeling the pain from my hair. It is just all so weird and freaky, and thinking about it now is almost making me lightheaded. I ended up telling my parents, my sister, even my grandmother about what I experienced and they all agree by how creepy it is though my sister thinks I am exaggerating. But I am not. I am serious. I have no idea what I just experienced, and not sure if it was coincidence. I feel better thinking it was.

And honestly after of all of this, to this day, I am now officially traumatized by just the view of the kitchen window from my room. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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Watching my grandmother

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