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Wasn't Robert, but…

pokemonhex submitted:

For years now, I’ve been obsessed with ghost stories. I have several books on real ghost stories from my state, and my dream is to organize a ghost tour of the entire state. My obsession with “true” ghost stories started on a family trip to North Carolina which included all of my cousins. While at the airport, we bought a book to give me something to do on the plane, and it happened to be a ghost story book. By the time we arrived and were settling into our beach houses, I was in full-on obsession mode, and pulled my cousins into it. We found out that there was a ghost tour in Wilmington, so we decided to go to it.

The tour was fun. We heard a few scary stories and a few funny ones. At one point the guide gave a vivid description of a body in a casket that made me cover my ears. However, the most memorable stop for us was this house that had been built on Gallows Hill. The wall we were facing had four windows, and the guide told us that this one ghostly man, nicknamed “Robert”, tended to appear in the upper right window. We decided it would be fun to take a picture of all six cousins in front of the house with the hopes that Robert would appear in the window. We took it using my dad’s camera, but he hadn’t come with us and had just lent it to us, so we didn’t know how to go into playback mode.

After the tour, as the other members of the group dispersed and talked with the guide, I began fiddling with the camera. I managed to find the playback button and began going through the pictures. I was pretty disappointed with the results—not even a single orb—until I reached the one of all the cousins. Robert didn’t appear. However, in the bottom left window was a strange shape. I called the others to look at it, and we all ultimately agreed that it looked like a face. It did not appear in any other photo of the house. Of course we were creeped out a bit—I mean, the only ghost picture was the one of us—but I’d have to say I was satisfied.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I guess the ghost wanted to be sure you noticed it! If you still have a copy we’d love to see it! 5/10 for scares and thank you for sharing.

Source: Learn about Paranormal Activity and Real Hauntings here, plus see Ghost Adventures and explore the




by cnkguy
Wasn't Robert, but…

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