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Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born May 21, 1960 to parents Lionel Dahmer, a student at Marquette University seeking a degree in Chemistry and Joyce Annette, a teletype machine instructor. He was the first of two boys born into his family. Jeffrey was described as a happy and energetic child until the age of four after receiving surgery for a double hernia. Following his procedure he became notably subdued. Lionel and Joyce hardly paid Jeffrey any attention. His classmates and even his teachers knew that he was ‘off’. His first grade teacher even suspected neglectful parenting. Her suspicions turned out to be true. Lionel was hardly home due to his studies, and when he was home, Jeffrey’s mother demanded all of his attention. Joyce also spent a great amount of time recovering in bed from apparent weakness. Neighbors and other family acquaintances described Joyce as tense and argumentative. At an early age, Dahmer became interested in animals, but not in a healthy way. He began by collecting larger insects such as dragonflies and butterflies. He would keep them inside jars. Then he began collecting roadkill carcasses and dismembering them and keeping parts of their bodies in jars as well. At one point he collected the remains of a dog, decapitated it, and nailed its body to a tree, later placing the decapitated head upon a spike in his backyard. Disturbing to say the least. After his family moved to Doylestown, Ohio Jeffrey got a little brother that he was allowed to name. He chose the name David. They soon after moved to Bath, Ohio. Assuming his son was was interested in scientific aspects, Lionel Dahmer accidentally taught his son how to preserve bones.

In high school, Jeffrey began drinking beer and hard liquor. He would smuggle it into school with him. By the time he reached puberty, he discovered that he was more interested in men. Soon there after, Dahmer began to fantasize about domination and control which soon also included sadomasochist behavior such as dissection. When he was just sixteen years old, he planned to attempt his first assault on a person he found attractive. He carried a baseball bat to render him unconscious. That jogger is luckier than he realizes because he didn’t take that same route or didn’t go jogging that day. Outcasted in school, Jeffrey managed to graduate in May of 1978. Quickly after, his mother, Joyce was granted full custody of his younger brother David and she took the boy and moved out.

At the age of eighteen, Dahmer committed his first murder. He picked up an almost nineteen year old hitchhiker named Steven Mark Hicks and lured him to his house with promises of alcohol. Steven agreed and the two had a night of drinking. After several alcoholic beverages, Dahmer picked up a ten pound dumbbell and struck the hitchhiker over the head twice. Once unconscious, Dahmer strangled the boy to death with the bar of the weight. He then stripped his corpse and masturbated before dissecting the body and burning him in a shallow grave out back. Several weeks later, Jeffrey Dahmer dug up Steven’s remains and used acid to dissolve his body before flushing the solution down the toilet and scattering smashed bones outside.

In January 1979 Jeffrey enlisted in the army. In 1981 he was deemed unsuitable for service. Two soldiers claimed that Dahmer had raped them, one repeatedly over a long period of time. Shortly after, he moved to Miami, Florida, working at a delicatessen but he spent all of his money on alcohol and was quickly evicted for lack of payment. After eviction, he returned to Ohio where he was eventually arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and his father sent him to live with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin. He worked as a phlebotomist at a blood plasma center for ten months before being let go. Shortly before being laid off, Dahmer was arrested for indecent exposure. He had exposed himself to a crowd of women and children in a state fair park. Shortly after this incident, Jeffrey started a job as a mixer at a chocolate factory.

After some frequent sexual partners, Dahmer became more interested in necrophilia and would routinely give his partners sleeping pills so that he could rape them. After these incidents, he saw a report about the recent death of an eighteen year old and fantasized about sex with a freshly dead body. He even attempted to dig the boy up after his burial but abandoned his plan when he discovered that the soil was too difficult. In 1986, Dahmer was again arrested for indecent exposure after masturbating in front of two twelve year old boys. After his arrest he claimed he was urinating and unaware that there was anyone around.

In November of 1987, Dahmer convinced a man named Steven Tuomi to return to his room with him at a hotel where he intended to drug and rape the man. The following morning, Steven was dead and Dahmer claimed to have no memory of the murder. He put the mans body in a large suitcase and brought it back to his grandmothers where he removed the limbs, the head, and ‘filleted’ the flesh from the bones. He disposed of the body except for his severed head. He used it as a trophy for his sexual fantasies until it became too brittle from bleaching in his attempt to preserve the skull.

After two more murders, a fourteen year old prostitute victim and a twenty-two year old he met in a bar, and an attempted murder on another young man, Dahmer moved out of his grandmothers house (she wasn’t fond of him bringing young men home late at night and asked him to move out) and he rented an apartment. The very next day he was arrested after he drugged and sexually assaulted a thirteen year old boy that he lured to his apartment in order to take nude photographs.

In March of 1989, following his conviction and awaiting sentencing after his arrest, he committed his fifth murder. A man named Anthony Sears, a twenty-four year old that he described as “exceptionally attractive.” Sears would be the first victim that Dahmer successfully preserved body parts from. He preserved the mans head and genitalia and stored them in his personal locker at work. In March of 1989 he was given five years of probation for the sexual assault he committed and was added to the sex offenders list.

On July 22, 1991 Dahmer lured one man, thirty two year old Tracy Edwards, to his apartment with promises of beer and payment in exchange for posing for nude photographs. Edwards was handcuffed while in Dahmer apartment and in the bedroom, he observed Jeffrey rocking back and forth chanting while watching The Exorcist III before he told him that he intended to eat his heart. Tracy has decided to attempt an escape and punched Jeffrey in the face before fleeing and flagging down two police officers.

In his apartment, police found seventy four polaroids of bodies in various dismemberment stages. In his refrigerator they discovered a recently decapitated head, a portion of arm muscles, and two human hearts, along with a dripping pan filled with blood. In the freezer they found an entire torso and a bag of flesh. They also found two full skeletons, two penises, a scalp, two severed hands, and dissolving bodies in a large 57 gallon drum.

In late July of 1991, two detective conducted numerous interviews with Dahmer totaling sixty hours. Dahmer didn’t request a lawyer. He wanted to confess. He even claimed that he created these horrors and thinking logically, he wanted to put an end to it. He said it only made sense.

Most of Dahmer’s victims had been rendered unconscious before dying. A few of them had died as a direct result of having either acid or boiling water injected into their brain. (No idea how he pulled that off but terrifying!). He not only confessed to murder, dismemberment, and ritualistic tendencies, but also necrophilia, lewd acts with corpses, and sexual acts with piles of internal organs while mutilating the bodies of his victims. Dahmer considered his victims his personal property. They were not people to him.

After his ‘property’ was murdered he would take out the internal organs, much like a mortician May do after one dies, he’d drain their blood in his bathtub, commit his sexual performances with whichever piece he desired throughout the process, and then he would remove the victims flesh from the bones and bleach them for preservation. Along with all of these gut wrenching and horrendous crimes he also confessed to eating several body parts of his victims including but not limited to, hearts, bicep muscles, thighs and livers.

When asked in an interview what he intended to do with the skeletal remains the police had found he claimed he was planning to make an altar that he would dedicate to himself, a place where he could feel and home and powerful. He had it all planned out from where the altar would be and what it would look like. He also stated that if he hadn’t been arrested, the would have found his altar and it would have included at least one more skull from a future victim.

On July 25, 1991 Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was charged with four counts of murder and by August of the same year eleven counts more. The only victim he was not charged for was Steven Tuomi because they could not prove that he murdered him. He also was not charged with the attempted murder of Tracy Edwards.

In January of 1992 Jeffrey L. Dahmer pleaded guilty but insane to a total of fifteen counts of murder. The defense questioned his sanity due to his plea and although he had a necrophilic obsession that consumed his every thought, he was eventually deemed not insane. Two court appointed mental health counselors claimed that Dahmer was not only not psychotic, but he was charming and amiable as well as pleasant to be around. He was however, diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and sadistic traits. I’m truly not sure how they can say he was pleasant and sadistic.

In February 1991 Dahmer was deemed sane and for two of fifteen murders he was sentenced to life imprisonment plus ten years. For the remaining thirteen murders he received a sentence of life imprisonment plus seventy years. He was brought to Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage to serve his sentences. After three months in prison Dahmer was transferred to Ohio to be tried for a sixteenth murder, his first victim, Steven Hicks. He received yet another life sentence.

Dahmer spent the first full year of his imprisonment in solitary confinement for his own safety against other inmates but after the first year, he consented to join a less secured unit. He was assigned a two hour job where he worked cleaning toilets.

In 1994 approximately three years into his sentence, a fellow inmate attempted to slit Dahmer’s throat but failed.

In late November of 1994 Dahmer left his unit to complete his work duty. For whatever reason, he and two other inmates, Jesse Anderson and Christopher Scarver, were left unattended. Staff left them unsupervised for about twenty minutes. When the prison staff returned they were greeted with the sight of Dahmer lying on the floor with serious head and facial wounds they discovered to have come from being bludgeoned with a metal bar. Later they discovered Anderson had also been beaten in the same fashion. Anderson was another murderer serving time for killing his wife. Christopher Scarver claimed that God made him do it. He also stated that he had seen a newspaper with the information about Dahmer’s murders and he presented it to Jeffrey asking if it was all true. Dahmer showed no remorse for what he’d done. He was also apparently taunting prison staff and fellow inmates by shaping his food to resemble severed limbs. He needed a guard at all times because he was highly disliked by other inmates. They were all repulsed and disgusted by Jeffrey. The murder of Jeffrey Dahmer is suspected to be deliberate. It is believed that the prison staff knew Scarver’s hatred for Jeffrey and he walked away to allow Scarver to murder him.

After he died, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer’s body was cremated and his ashes were divided among his parents. Dahmer was thirty four years old at the time of his death.

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered a total of sixteen people, possibly seventeen, and he planned to murder an eighteenth. These are his victims, may they Rest In Peace:

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