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Voices from the shed

Djavana submitted:

Ok so this happened a few months back when i was still in my old, supposedly haunted place. For a bit of background, most of my friends who have been to my old house always say, no matter where in the house they were, that there was this ‘creepy’ feeling. I personally have never felt anything of the sort.

So i was sitting with my mom on our dining table, to my right there’s the door to the back garden, library, and beside the library is my really run down shed, its mostly just junk in there. The light that lights the ‘hallway’ to the shed is dead at this point, so the only light is the one in my dining room. I begin to hear like this small chirping noise, its like its between a creaky door and a chirping chicken, and i decided to go and check it out because the explanations my mom gave me were unbelievable. So i went out to the shed, flash light in hand, and saw nothing, but the chirping sound was still there, so i was like ‘ok nope bye’ and left.

After that, maybe a couple of weeks after, i told that experience to one of my aunts who has the ‘sixth sense’, and she told me it was a kuntilanak, a ghost who died carrying a child. My aunt told me that if the kuntilanak is near, there would be faint chirping or laughter, but if shes far, the chirping or laughter would be clearly heard. I instantly got chills because of that.

James: 7/10 Ooh, that is something you don’t hear chirping everyday. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Voices from the shed

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