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Violent Ghost in Edinburgh Hostel


Nicola submitted:

I have always had strange things happen to me or seen things since I was a child. It pretty much just runs in my family off my mother’s side, but I have never gotten used to it. One of the worst experiences I had was while I was travelling in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was October and my friend and I had decided to stay in a large hostel just next to the train station.

When we got there we had the pleasure of finding out the hostel was actually a brothel back in the day and that the whole street was actually previously known as “Brothel Road”. Lovely. We made a few jokes about it and went to our room that we shared with three other girls and the whole energy of the place made both of us, and our roommates, very uncomfortable. None of us (all female) wanted to be alone in the room. We always were at least in pairs and if one of us needed to go to the room we would get someone to come with us. We all agreed that if someone needed to shower, which was attached to the room, a girl would wait in the main room. We spent as little time as possible in that hostel.

It all sounds childish but you never felt alone and always felt like someone was watching you or just standing right behind you. The worst bit happened in our last two nights there. The first final night, I was sleeping on the top bunk and the bed underneath mine was empty. While lying in bed I suddenly felt like a man was in the room and sat up, and I looked over and my friend had done the same. We both had sat up in bed at the same time and checked in with each other – we both stated that something had startled us but we didn’t know what. After lying back down, a few minutes later my bed started to shake. It was a gentle at first and but then it grew to be a little rougher. I lied there, unsure what to think.

I passed it off as someone had come in without me noticing and took the bottom bunk, but when we got up in the morning, the bed under mine was empty and undisturbed. No on had come in.

The final night there was the worst. Again the bunk beneath mine was empty and again I was lying in bed, wide awake due to my cold, and I again felt as if a man was in the room. The best I can describe that is a shift in the vibe of the room – when it is a room full of women and a man enters, the energy always changes. Seconds after feeling that presence, my bunk began to shake – violently. I thought the whole thing was going to fall over and I was so tense my body was stiff as a board as I kept my eyes closed. It shook and rattled for a good few minutes, as if someone was shaking it with pure rage and then suddenly stopped as abruptly as it began. I opened my eyes and nothing was there. I looked around the room and all the other beds were undisturbed and the girls were sleeping which scared me because of the noise the bed made while it was being shaken so angrily – no person should have been able to sleep through the clattering sounds of the metal bunk bed.

I did not sleep the rest of the night and was more then happy to leave that next morning. When I stay in hostels now…I insist on bottom bunk.

FYNK James: 6/10 I like Edinburgh a lot, it’s a shame some entity rattled your experience. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Violent Ghost in Edinburgh Hostel

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