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vallet812 Submitted: Let me begin by saying I am sensitive. I grew up in a home with my great…

vallet812 Submitted:

Let me begin by saying I am sensitive. I grew up in a home with my great grandfathers spirit. I had several imaginary friends when I was younger, but all of this was nothing new to me and I was never afraid. Flash forward 23 years and I am moving into an old house converted into 2 apartments with my fiancé. I didn’t like the vibe I got from the place, but we had to be out of our military housing and our friend’s parents owned the place so we rented it. I hated the second bedroom right from the get go. It had a door that led to the basement. I always kept the door to the bedroom shut and would only go in there if I absolutely had to. The first night there, I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and saw a face in the kitchen window, which was very low to the ground. I brushed it off, told myself I was tired, or that it was the guy upstairs (he was a severe alcoholic). Then we brought home our puppy, karma. I would baby gate her in the kitchen while we worked in case she had an accident, because the floor was tile and it would be easy to clean up. One day, we came home and the baby gate looked as though someone had kicked it clear into the living room. No WAY could my little 7 pound pup have been responsible for that. Glasses would shatter on the floor, etc. Then my fiancé had to leave for a month for training, as we was getting ready to deploy. I had made plans to stay with my friend that first weekend so I got home and went into my bedroom to begin packing. I noticed the curtain in my bedroom was pulled open, almost as if someone had been looking out the front window and ALL MY BEDROOM WINDOWS WERE OPEN. That was all I needed to see to pack up and get out of there as soon as possible, but not before closing the curtains and locking the windows. I had an I eventful weekend, and returned home to get ready for my work and school week ahead of me. When I got home, the curtain was open again, as well as all of the windows. I called a friend of mine to come stay with me because I was pretty freaked out. Being a young female, completely alone on a first level apartment with this kind of activity going on was terrifying. While I waited for her to arrive, I jumped in the shower. I heard the front door open and close very loudly. Since we lived a solid 40 minutes away I knew it wouldn’t have been her so I got out an searched my apartment and found nothing. Still pretty scared, I began a load of laundry and I bent over to get clothes out of the hamper and as soon as I was upright, the detergent came flying off the top of the dryer and hit me in the face. It was the stackable kind, with the dryer on top, but I had not turned anything on, did not bump into it, and the laundry soap was full. It hurt!! When Kathleen arrived, I told her what happened, we studied for micro, and went to sleep. During the night she had a dream someone was trying to pull her out of my bed. She was so freaked out she said she would never stay the night again. I then called my friend Tasha, who is very religious. She has a crucifix she wore through her husbands deployment that her 2 large dogs tug on and it had never broken or come off. At this time, I was sleeping with the living room light on and the bedroom door propped open. The door required some force to open and shut it, because of the height of the carpet. During the night, she woke up feeling as though she was being choked and held down to the bed. When she sat up, she reached for her throat gasping for air. Her necklace had been ripped off her neck and was laying beside her on the pillow. The bedroom door then slammed shut and slightly opened just enough to see a shadow pacing along with audible footsteps. She woke me up and said that it was happening. My response was “I know, I told you.” And I went back to sleep. I remember none of this. After that, I stayed with her for the remainder of time that my fiancé was gone. In the meantime, I contacted a paranormal research team. The first time they tried to come to my house, their car engine almost caught on fire. Seeming to be coincidental, I contacted my aunt, who is also very religious. She said that when she picked up her phone, without even reading the text, it smelled as though her phone was burning. She called me, and told me she would contact her cousin, also very religious and claims to be able to astro project and rid homes of demonic activity without actually having to go there. She said she saw the demon of bondage in my home, as well as several others. Several days later, the paranormal group made it to my house and set up a spirit box. It said “sister” and “clementine” among other things. My sister was there at the time of the investigation. But what really frightened me was clementine because my fiance ALWAYS sings “oh my darlin clementine” to me. As soon as he got home, we moved. No more activity in our new home, thank God.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Moderator Gracie:7/10 Wow i’m glad you don’t live there anymore before anything worse happened. That clementine part gave me chills.Thanks for the chills and scares!




by cnkguy
vallet812 Submitted: Let me begin by saying I am sensitive. I grew up in a home with my great…

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