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unexplained-events: The Borley Rectory Haunting Borley Rectory…


The Borley Rectory Haunting

Borley Rectory was a house that gained infamy as “the most haunted house in England”. It had been alleged to be haunted ever since it was built in 1862. These reports multiplied suddenly in 1929, after the Daily Mirror published an account of a visit by paranormal researcher Harry Price, who wrote two books supporting claims of paranormal activity.

One of the most interesting manifestations of the haunting were the writing on the wall. It is believed the writings had come from a young deceased catholic woman who wanted her body to be discovered and receive a proper christian burial ceremony. she was trying to communicate with Marianne, wife of the reverend Lionel Foyster, the couple living in the rectory in October 1930. 

The scribbled writing is allegedly from the ghost while the writing below is from Marianne’s attempt to communicate with it.

What I can read:
-Marianne light mass prayers
-Marianne please help get –

The house burned down in 1939 and was later demolished in 1944.

LIFE photographer David Scherman was on hand to cover the event. While covering the demolition of England’s most haunted house, Scherman photographed a brick that rose from the ruins and floated in the air for several seconds.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

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unexplained-events: The Borley Rectory Haunting Borley Rectory…

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