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Two Shadows

Anonymous submitted:

Can you keep this anonymous please?

One night when I was 12, I was staying over at my friend’s house. He lived in the part of the neighborhood next to the wood, and his room looked out to the trees. At night, I while my friend was asleep (I wasn’t because it just takes me longer to fall asleep in places I don’t usually sleep). I heard something tap on the window. I whispered to my friend Ella but she wouldn’t wake up. I heard another tap, but I was too afraid to look. I waited about a minute, to see if it would stop, and then I heard a loud knock on the window, followed quickly by another. Still, Ella snored. I mustered up the courage and turned by head toward the window, and snuck a peak through the blinds. I felt goosebumps along my arms as I saw, in the middle of the stretch of grass between the house and the forest, there were two shadow people standing side by side. I couldn’t see their faces, but I knew they were looking up at me. I hid behind the window when I realized this. It also looked like they were holding hands. I might have found this cute had the sight of them not chilled me to the bone.

James: 7/10 This one has been in the queue for like 5 months because I wanted to wait for Valentine’s Day. I hope everyone who is looking finds their formless shadow person to their formless shadow person.

Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Two Shadows

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