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True Ghost Story: The Yosemite Doppelganger

“We visited Yosemite Park September 7-9, 2018. We spent two nights in a cottage near #7285. When we went there, the cottage seemed spectacular: classical-looking on the outside, but modern-looking on the inside, with complete facilities and supplies. We truly enjoyed our first night there.

Then came September 8 when we returned to our lodge after spending the whole day in Yosemite Valley. All eight of us were in the kitchen, busily preparing for dinner, when I felt the urge to use the restroom downstairs. As I reached the top of the stairs coming back, I saw my uncle on my left, four feet away from me, walking towards the stairs I had just climbed. In my hurry to go back to the kitchen, I could only see him in my left peripheral vision. He was walking towards me as if he needed to go to the bathroom as well. I did not talk to him and just went straight to the kitchen, but something kept bugging me. He didn’t normally use the restroom near the bunkbed where my mom, brother, and I slept, so why was he going there now?

The question lingered in me as I returned to the kitchen. To my surprise, my uncle was there, grilling corn. I could not help but to look at him with wide eyes, because if everyone was in the kitchen cooking, then who was the ‘person’ I had just encountered on the stairs?

When I told my relatives what had happened, terror also appeared in their faces. But since my little cousins were with us, they just acted as if my story was a joke and made up excuses about who or what I saw. I listened to them, but deep within me I knew what I had seen. It had looked exactly like my uncle.

Thankfully, the night went swimmingly well, and I was able to sleep. When morning came, I saw that my brother was not in his bunk bed. Instead, I found him sleeping in the living room.

At breakfast, he told everyone that he was not able to sleep soundly because he’d heard footsteps in the kitchen and the living room. There was my confirmation. We’d both encountered the same ‘creature,’ slowly creeping around our cottage.”

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Ghost and Ghouls

by cnkguy
True Ghost Story: The Yosemite Doppelganger

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