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True Ghost Story: The Petersborough Poltergeist

The following story appeared in the Eugene Register Guard on March 4, 1892

“The people of Petersborough, Minnesota are greatly disturbed over a haunted house, which is said to be in the heart of the city. Some months ago, a man named Howard rented a house on the principal street of the town. It was a small frame house and had been constantly occupied. Ever since going into the house, they had been subjected to the most extraordinary experiences, and at last, became so terrified that they left the house.

For some time, they supposed they were the victims of practical jokers, but all attempts to catch them failed, and even the neighbors, called in to help discover the cause of the strange noises, were unable to find what was wrong.

While the residents were in bed, an invisible hand would jerk the bed clothes from them, and then the door would slam and heavy steps would be heard across the floor. All efforts to find whence the noise came were unavailing. On another occasion, a door was broken while the whole family was sitting in the room.

The most terrifying manifestations were the unearthly noises which accompanied them. Those noises varied from the sound made by the crashing of a table full of dishes to that which would be made by a wall falling down in a room.

Notwithstanding the noise, there never was anything disturbed in the house. The manifestations were almost invariably preceded by a loud humming sound which gradually become louder until it culminated in an awful crashing and rumbling, which made the hair of the listeners stand on end. Not less than 15 people were ready to swear that they had heard these manifestations and are convinced the place is haunted.”



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True Ghost Story: The Petersborough Poltergeist

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