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True Ghost Story: Mother’s Helper

Soon after moving to a new apartment, a woman placed her baby’s playpen in a certain corner of her living room. Not long after settling into her new home, the woman noticed that the baby had begun to cry a lot, unnaturally, as if in terror. She would go to the playpen, and none of the physical things which irritate a bay would be apparent. The baby was in good health and there was nothing to cause a the constant, terrified screaming.

One day, the woman mentioned her baby’s behavior to the next-door neighbor. The friend listened, and then with some reluctance, asked where the baby’s playpen was. The woman told her. The neighbor then explained that the baby’s playpen stood in the same spot as another child’s. The mother of this child had died, and the family immediately moved away. They’d lived in the same apartment as the woman and her baby.

The neighbor’s explanation was that the dead woman, the baby’s mother, was coming back to see her child, not knowing that it had been taken away. It was this strange spirit form that was frightening the living woman’s child. The neighbor advised the woman to move the baby’s playpen to another corner of the room. She did, and the baby did not cry anymore.

West, Dorothy, and Mrs. Laura M. 
Ghost Story.
New York City, New York, 1938.
Manuscript/Mixed Material.
Retrieved from the Library of Congress



Ghost and Ghouls

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True Ghost Story: Mother’s Helper

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