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True Ghost Story: Locust Ridge Mountain Spirit


“My uncle was a doctor one time, and he had to go lots of times late at night to doctor people. Every time he’d start down Locust Ridge Mountain, a woman would run out and throw her hands up. He said he could see the bones in her hand and every bone in her fingers.

He shot at her one night. Said she jumped on the horse and rode down the mountain with him, then jumped off and disappeared, and he didn’t know where she’d went to. Said one time he took him a gun up on the mountain when he went a trip. He said he shot at her, and said he never could hit her. He said he told the people that if they wanted a doctor they’d just have to call him in daytime, or not call him late a night, for he wasn’t going to be on the mountain late at light. Because he was afraid.”

Listen to the original recording here.

Hall, Joseph S, Unidentified Woman, and Unidentified Boy.
Interview with 70+ year old white female and 15 year old boy, Tennessee.
[Unknown] Audio.
Retrieved from the Library of Congress



Ghost and Ghouls

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True Ghost Story: Locust Ridge Mountain Spirit

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