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True Ghost Story: Kunekune

In Japan, there lives the legend of kunekune, a wiggly white figure that appears in rice fields on hot summer days. Similar to Slender Man, the kunekune is unnaturally tall and slender and kills anyone who comes too near. But is there truth to the creepy tale?

Legend has it kunekune appears in secluded places like rice fields, mountains, or even the open sea and resembles fine cloth or a paper mannequin. The eerie figure is normally white and wispy, though it is sometimes black and solid.

Whatever form it takes, the kunekune flails about unnaturally, as if pushed and pulled by endless gusts of wind, even on still, calm days. When seen from a distance, the kunekune is harmless. However, those who come too close will lose their minds or abruptly die from shock. Or so the stories go.

The following story appears online and describes two boys’ strange encounter with a kunekune.

“This is a true story my brother told me. One day, when he was a child, my brother went to play at his friend Akira’s house. It was a nice day, but they didn’t feel like playing outside, so they stayed indoors.

While the were playing, Akira suddenly stood up and went to the window. Puzzled, my brother followed him and followed Akira’s gaze to a rice field outside. There, he saw a man.

The man was dressed in pure white and stood completely still. My brother asked Akira who the man was and what he was doing, but before his friend could answer, the man began to move.

At first, it seemed the man in white was dancing, but there was something very wrong about the way he moved. He bent and flopped and swayed as if there were no bones in his body. He twisted and jerked as if buffeted by typhoon-force winds, but there wasn’t the slightest breeze outside.

My brother and Akira watched the figure for several minutes, silent and awe-struck. After about 15 minutes, the bending, twisting figure faded away. My brother ran home after that, and he and Akira never spoke of the incident. He only told me the story once and refused to talk about it again.

I can’t help but wonder what my brother and his friend saw. Was there something unnatural in the field that day, or were their eyes playing tricks on them? I guess I’ll never know.”

What do you think? Is the kunekune real or are the tales nothing more than Internet memes?



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True Ghost Story: Kunekune

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