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True Ghost Story: Haunted by the Past

shadow person

“I live with three other students in an old house near our school. The house is haunted, and a lot of creepy things happen here.

On one occasion, I was talking with a roommate in my room when we heard the sound of running water. My roommate asked if I had left my shower on, but when we checked, the shower was off. I went to check my other roommates’ shared bathroom (they were gone for the weekend) and was shocked to see a jet of water pouring from the faucet. The shower knobs were turned as far as they would go. Spooked, I quickly turned off the water and ran back to my room.

Another time, my roommate came out of her room and asked which one of us had knocked on her door and shouted her name. Nobody had. We were all in our rooms doing our own thing. Another roommate said that she sensed someone sitting in the living room at night, and another heard dishes moving around in the cabinets.

We had no idea what was happening, or why, until one day a neighbor told us that a former owner had died in our home. It seems he’d had a heart attack in the kitchen, and no one discovered his body for two days.

After hearing that, we tried not to pay much attention to the sounds. We still sense the man’s spirit from time to time, but we haven’t done anything out of respect for his soul. I guess we’re just hoping for the best.”

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Ghost and Ghouls

by cnkguy
True Ghost Story: Haunted by the Past

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