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Troubled Teenager

belleashton Submitted:

First of all, several years back in the early 1900s-1970s, parts of my family studied witch craft. My grandfather was very close to some of his family included in this witch craft. He was a teenager in high school (1970s) and he had just gotten with my grandmother and from what I heard, they had a pretty abusive relationship. My grandfather was abusive, disobedient, and liked to curse and lie to my grandmother and sometimes my great-grandmother (his mom). We live in Eastern Kentucky, and we’re surrounded by hills and mountains. His house is right on a hill, so he had to walk up and down the hill to get to and from school, work, etc.. My grandfather feels that his mother asked some of their family to put a hex/curse/whatever you want to call it on him.
He was getting worse with my grandmother and great-grandmother and noticed that at the bottom of his hill to walk home, there was a hairy creature waiting for him. He says he thought if he ignored it, that it would leave him alone.
“William” it would whisper in a deep voice as it followed him up the hill. My grandpa is pretty fearless, but he said after that he ran up the hill the rest of the way home and it followed him at the same pace. He finally made it into his house and he watched it climb higher up into their hill. This happened after every day he fought with my grandma or great grandmother.
When the Summer months rolled around he went to Ohio to visit with family we have up there. He was under aged but drank, went to bars and strip clubs…everything he wasn’t allowed to do at home. One night he cheated on my grandmother and felt an overwhelming sense of dread. He ignored it and went to bed. He woke to a phone call from his mother asking him what he was up to. He called it word vomit. He couldn’t stop himself from telling her everything he had done.
“William, I just begged the Devil to leave you alone.”
My grandpa was puzzled.
“I was laying in bed soothing your brother, when I heard something from outside. I went to see what it was, and at the door was a very hairy man…he had very long hair….all over his body” She continued.
Grandpa was horrified.
“I wasn’t afraid, so I just asked ‘What can I help you with?’ And he said, ‘I need your son, William. He’s up to no good ma’am.’ William, I begged him to leave you alone. He said nothing more and climbed up behind our house into the hills. I didn’t need an explanation, that was no man, he was the devil, or one of his demons.”
My grandfather straightened up after that. He came home and married my grandmother and had my mother and aunt. Unfortunately, he and my grandmother divorced shortly after and he remarried and now he lives back at his home place. On the hill behind his house where the hairy man left when he was a teenager, is where his hobby of chicken breeding and fighting takes place. I always get an eerie feeling when he takes me up there to help take care of the chickens.

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 5/10 Man that was good,Your grandfather got lucky his mother begged the devil to leave him alone.I have an aunt who saw the devil when she was a teenager scared the shit outta her. Thanks for the chills and scares!




by cnkguy
Troubled Teenager

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