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forest-nymph-oh submitted:

I’ve had tons of experiences, but I thought this one would be the most interesting since I was not the only one to experience it.

So, one night a couple months ago, my boyfriend and I both had some very strange dreams.

His dream was that he was sitting on our bed, I was beside him sleeping. There was an entity, who would not enter the space on the bed or around us. It just hovered near the end of our bed. He described the entity as “ambiguous”, kind of difficult to look at, like the details would disappear when you tried to focus on it. He just remembered black holes as eyes.

The thing said its name was Todd. It was nice, didn’t seem threatening. So my boyfriend talked to him for a while. Then, ‘Todd’ said, “I like you. Can I have you?” My boyfriend thought this to be humourous and said, “how about we just be friends?”

Apparently this entity did not like that idea. He became very angry. My boyfriend said at one point this entity even attempted to look like me, I guess to try and entice him. But as you can imagine that was probably even more disturbing.

Meanwhile I, beside him, was having the most awful sleep. Nightmares about people, that didn’t look quite human, chasing me. Even sleep paralysis at one point where I hallucinated (or not) a tall dark shadow standing over me.

We both woke up at 7 am (hours earlier than we normally do), exactly the same time. We both layed there in a weird silence before telling eachother what had happened. We were glad we weren’t crazy, but also incredibly unsettled.

I had troubles being in our room, or even the basement (where our room is) by myself. For almost three days I felt this awful, hateful, aggressive energy. (Exactly like how it would feel if an entity was angry that it didn’t succeed in stealing your boyfriend). I constantly felt like I was being not just watched, but GLARED at vindictively. I had sleep paralysis for two nights after the incident, which isn’t a thing I usually get. Even my boyfriend agreed it felt like there was someone just, claiming a corner of our room and refusing to leave. It sounds hilarious now but it was terrifying at the time. My boyfriend believes he was astral traveling during his “Todd” dream, and that our bed was his safe place, which is why this thing wouldn’t come near it.

James: 7/10 Todd’s wildin’. That doesn’t sounds really weird about the dreams. Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy

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