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They’re Evil

I would prefer to stay anonymous. I’m no psychic, but I can sense presences and if that presence was evil or not. To this day, I know if I’m staying in a spirit occupied space or not, and if I should be scared of it or not. My first experience was when I was about 13, we stayed in this big duplex apartment for a couple years in Dubai. At first I noticed that the drawings I hang on the walls used to move when I had my back turned. There was no air or breeze in the room whatsoever. When I turn around, they’re not moving and the sound stops. A while later, it’s way past midnight and I’m a light sleeper, so I sense someone opening the door but I can’t see the door from where I’m sleeping, so I just assume it’s my mum and never open my eyes, but I can sense the presence of someone, I never hear footsteps step into the room. I try to fall back asleep but I can’t because I’m 100% positive someone is standing over my bed watching me, at one point I could have sworn it stroke my hair. Assuming it’s my mother I open my eyes and look up and I feel the blood drain from my face because I swore there was someone. I try to fall back asleep and I do. Only to be woken up by a huge manly hand slapping my ear as hard as possible. I wake up and feel the sting and my ear is ringing. And there’s no one there to be seen, but I definitely feel there’s someone around. Later we found out that a certain person has performed some sort of black magic on our family, the magic was somewhere in the house, and the person sent the evilist of spirits to haunt us. To this day, I can’t sleep without covering my ears.

FYNK James: 6/10 I don’t know why I find the image of an evil spirit slapping somebody’s ear amusing but I do. Also I wonder who that certain person was. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
They’re Evil

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