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There's something behind you

dennis-frood submitted:

This just happened yesterday:

I was in bed with my husband at his family’s cabin and suddenly woke up, eyes wide, heart in my throat. I’m lying on my side with my back to him and I don’t have to or even want to look over, but I know there’s something standing next to his side of the bed.

Now, I’ve been going to this cabin for 10 years. I am afraid of the dark but have never had ANY issues with that when I know he’s with me. Walking to the outhouse in pitch black is no big deal, the only concern would be bears but they mind their own business.

So, I’m laying in the dark. Listening. I don’t hear anything but I can feel it. Moving. Pacing. Watching. I am terrified. I’m staring at the wall wanting to grab my husband, both to hold me and comfort me, and to block whatever is over there from seeing me. I can’t and don’t want to move. But I have to. It goes on for minutes and the fear only gets worse.

I throw my arm behind me without turning over, hoping he’ll wake up but knowing it’s not going to be enough. I don’t want to turn over but I have to make it stop. I finally lay on my back and desperately grab for him. I don’t want to lie like this too long. It feels wrong and horrifying.

He finally wakes up but doesn’t understand why I’m clawing at him and trying to get him to roll over to me in a blind panic. He asks what’s wrong but he still doesn’t understand. He’s too groggy and won’t roll over to me.

Terrified, I tell him there’s something standing next to him. He grabs the flashlight next to the bed and I’m still clawing at him. Telling him the flashlight doesn’t matter. He tells me there’s no one there. I groan that I know, it doesn’t matter because I know it’s no ONE it’s someTHING.

He finally rolls over and holds me, tightly. Doesn’t ask for any further explanation. Feels me shaking like a leaf. I can’t stop shaking and pulling at him to hold me closer. He’s never seen me like this.

The oppressive feeling slowly fades away and I finally drift off to sleep. I still wake up a few times, and he’s still holding me, but I can’t stop the shaking. Not from it standing there again, but from knowing that it had been.

James: 7/10 This reads very weirdly, dreamlike. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
There's something behind you

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