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The Wine Bottle


Anonymous submitted:

Could you keep this anonymous please? If not I would prefer not to be posted. I’d just feel safer, I suppose.

This was a couple years ago, I’m in my late twenties and live by myself. I don’t get out a lot, but sometimes I buy myself some cheap wine and settle in for a movie or tv on some weekend nights. There was one night that just felt uneasy. Like I wasn’t truly alone in my apartment. I shook it off, and put in a dvd. But around 20 or 30 minutes into the movie, I began the presence or whatever it was returned, and felt… worse in a way than before. I thought it must be the wine, although I had only had a glass and had been sipping it conservatively. Around the forty minute mark the movie froze and I shuddered.

The wine bottle was on the table in front of me, the top of the table was glass. I looked at the table on which it stood, and behind the bottle, I swear I could see a face. A dark face with messy long hair. It only lasted for a couple seconds before the wine bottle just cracked and then burst.

Blood red wine got all over the table and the carpet as I screamed. I left my apartment, and after a couple hours, I returned because I had nowhere else to go, and I wasn’t about to rent a hotel room for the night. The presence seemed to be gone when I returned, but I still didn’t sleep that night.

James: 7/10 I wonder what movie you were watching. Maybe the ghost or whatever just didn’t like it. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Wine Bottle

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