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the unexplainable night

ticktockitstwelve submitted: 

There was a month during the time i was about 13/14 when i lived in Victoria, Australia where i would go outside to to back of the property about 100 metres from the house. 

I sat in the same place each night because it always put off this weird energy, all my senses were telling me to not be there, but i’d sit there for hours especially at sunset.

Afterwards when i went inside I’d feel similar to if I was just on a roller-coaster and I’d feel weird in a really good exhausted way, like if you’ve ever been put under anaesthesia. 

The more I did it the longer the affects lasted, so one night I went out and stayed as long as I could, but started getting a painful headache so I lay down.

I abruptly woke up panicking forgetting where i was but when i calmed down i felt bruised and weak like i had the flu, i tried to stand up but everything was spinning, so i ran back towards the house as fast as possible thinking i had been bitten by one of the many deadly creatures in the Australian Bush.

When i finally managed to get to the bathroom to check for any bite marks i saw a small cut aligned with my spine. At the time i was confused because i had a lot of layers on so it was nearly impossible to have a cut somewhere like that. 

On closer examination it was a small almost undetectable lump but it was hard, i initially though it was just my spine, but when i pressed down it wasn’t at all like the bones, alarms went off in my head and i knew i had to get it out.

So i grabbed the tweezers and scissors and just kept digging in the skin, after i had gotten some of the skin moved i noticed a shiny thorn shaped type thing. So i plunged the tweezers in as deep as i could get and grabbed it. 

At this point, i was still feeling horrible, very uncomfortable and could barely manage using my arms right in the middle of my back. 

So i just slowly pulled out the object (which i thought might have been a kangaroo tick) and just was able to get it free.

It felt like it had tiny little hooks jutting out of it or something that kept gripping because it kept snagging on my skin on the way out. 

After I poured disinfectant on my back i looked more closely at the object.

It had a hard diamond shaped surface with prickly sides like Velcro but rubbery it had a shiny metallic look but felt more like a really heavy rock. 

I couldn’t for the life of me work out what it was or how it got there but all i knew was it wasn’t something I’d ever seen before, and certainly wasn’t from an animal. 

Needless to say i never went out there again and when we moved I vowed I’d never go back. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
the unexplainable night

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