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The Shadow Man

beware-poisonous submitted: 

I live in Derry in Northern Ireland and the local hospital is pretty creepy to say the least. My mum works there in the elderly ward and they actually had to build a new area of the hospital because so many people refused to work and have their parents seen to in the ward due to paranormal activity. A lot has happened over the last few years at is all related to the story I’m going to tell. I find this one the scariest.

One night my mum was on night shift. They’re allowed an hour break in the middle of the night so she decided to sleep in one of the spare beds. She was woken by her alarm and went to get out of bed but she couldn’t, she was stuck. Something was holding her down and she couldn’t sit up. She said it was like someone was pushing down on her chest and she was finding it hard to breathe. When the thing or person or whatever it was let go she managed to catch a glimpse of it. She said it was all black like a shadow and it had no face. So after that she ran into the staff room to tell the other people who were working. 

Before she could tell them the buzzer went off in one of the rooms (it lets them know when a patient wants them) so one of the other nurses ran in. She ran back in instantly and told my mum and other nurse to come in. There on a bed was an old woman sitting on her honkers on the bed and she was staring right at my mum. My mum knew her well because the patient hated her due to my mum’s hairstyle and music preference etc but that’s not the point. The lady was hissing at her and was screaming for her to get out. My mum ran out of the room while one of the nurses but the patient back to bed. About an hour went by and the buzzers started to go off again. They ran into the room like before and the woman who was hissing and screaming before was lying on the bed and there was someone lying beside her. The thing was the shadow person my mum saw earlier. It was lying with a hand over the lady’s stomach and then it started to fade away. As it faded the old lady died. After all the hype my mum came to the conclusion that the shadow person was Death. She had been told of old people seeing this figure before they passed but never believed it. Then, that morning when she left work she was walking home and she fell down a steep set of stairs and broke her leg. She came to the conclusion that she saw this death figure because it came to warn her to be careful, that she might get injured. She didn’t know what to think but needless to say she believed in all the stories. 

About two months later the ward was closed. It is still used for storage and whenever my mum goes down there she still doesn’t feel right. But, no one has seen this shadow man since.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
The Shadow Man

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