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The Screaming Tunnel

Though Canada’s Screaming Tunnel doesn’t look like much, the ghost of a terrified child reportedly haunts its damp and shadowy depths. Could the old legend be true?

Built in the 1800s, and located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the Screaming Tunnel runs beneath an old railway line and once served as a drainage tunnel for surrounding farms. Today, the tunnel is a popular attraction, and people come from miles around to hear the screaming ghost who allegedly dwells there.

The Legend

According to local legend, a girl at a nearby farm ran to the damp tunnel after her clothes caught fire. Though she managed to extinguish the flames, the girl was too badly burned to survive, and she died in the tunnel, clothes still smoldering.

Another variation of the legend claims an enraged father murdered his daughter in the tunnel. He allegedly set her alight after she tried to sneak away with her mother. Yet another blames the girl’s death on a deranged vagabond who lured the child into the tunnel and burned her alive. Though the stories vary, they all agree on one thing: a girl died in the tunnel after going up in flames. And now her screaming ghost remains.

The Girl Who Screams

To draw out the ghost, visitors must walk to the middle of the tunnel and strike a match. As the light from the flame illuminates the dark, an anguished scream will pierce the silence and continue until the flame is out. Sometimes, a chilling breeze will accompany the scream and extinguish the flame as quickly as it appears. It seems the girl who burned alive is still terrified of fire and will do anything it takes to put it out.

Is the creepy story true? There’s no official record of a girl dying in The Screaming Tunnel, but that doesn’t stop curious people from striking a match and waiting to see what happens. Would you be brave enough to find out?



Ghost and Ghouls

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The Screaming Tunnel

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