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The Rock Cross.


jew-tube submitted: 

I just read your post about the catacombs in Paris, France, and the paranormal things that occur there. This is a 100% true story that happened to me.

When I wish twelve I visited Paris on holiday, and the Catacombs were number one on my sight-seeing the list. My cousin and I went together, her being much older than me, and it was suggested by the cashier I do not enter. Back then I thought maybe because I was young she might think I would be scared by seeing so many dead people, but after my experience I understand why.

Erin (my cousin) and I walked along the musty corridors and at this point I felt nothing. There were passages from the Bible written on the wall in French about death and the relief of the afterlife, I read each on (despite being an atheist) in respect for the deceased. 

We had been in the tunnels for about two hours now, and felt very drawn to a certain chamber, one with a large rock in the center. Erin was pre occupied with the history of the tunnels, and told me to go ahead and explore.
I was suddenly alone. All the Americans from before had shuffled onto a new chamber and there was no one left in the room but myself.

Then I did something I half-regret. I touched the large rock and traced my fingers over the cross carved on it.  I felt very faint at that moment, but I dismissed it as being underground too long. 
I felt pressure on my left wrist, but I was too afraid too look at it. I got very cold, and all the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, then felt like they were being forced down by something.
My nose started to ich and when I went to scratch it, it was bleeding get a lot. 

I decided to leave the room, Erin was waiting for me and we quickly left the catacombs to find a bathroom for my nose.

The next day my wrist and neck were bruised purple and black. My nose was very swollen. There were some faint green bruises on my hips identical to each other though I do not remember feeling pain there.

When I left the chamber in the tomb, feeling like I had upset a spirit of some sort, I apologized aloud to it.

The last thing I heard was a low growl saying: get out

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!




by cnkguy
The Rock Cross.

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