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The Playhouse

mutual-weirdness Submitted:

When I was first starting out as a theater musician, I worked at this church in New Jersey that had been converted to a playhouse sometime in the 1960s. The church was built just before the turn of the century sometime, and there were a few old pictures of the congregation here and there.

I was the music director, and it was my job to open the building before rehearsals, turn on the lights, and get set up before any of the actors arrived. I would also be required to turn off the lights and lock up after everyone left. This work was done completely alone.

Often, while turning the lights on/off, I would hear footsteps and bits of conversations from other parts of the theater. (The lights could only be turned on through the lighting booth, which you had to climb a ladder in the dark to get to.) After months of this kind of stuff happening, I got used to it and wasn’t really frightened. Nothing about these presences felt malicious and they never got in the way of my work.

After the show opened, I was standing next to the executive director of the playhouse while the guests exited the theater after the performance. A woman walks up to him and says only, “The pastor here likes what you’re doing. He loves the music.” It was pretty freaky.

On closing night, I stayed late to pack up my music equipment with the guitarist and we were talking about how we wanted to be musicians from now on and that this was a good first step, etc. when suddenly both of us notice someone listening to our conversation on my right. We look at her, a woman about 40 or 50, wearing a bonnet and an old-timey dress, and she looks back, as if we were having the most interesting conversation ever. We freeze because we both know she is not actually there and when we look back at each other, the woman disappears.

It was to this day the only time I had actually seen an apparition.  

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 5/10 I really like the part with the lady talking about the pastor loving the music. The lady in bonnet was cool also. Thanks for the chills and scares!




by cnkguy
The Playhouse

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