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The Paulding Light in #Paulding, #Michigan:Locals in Paulding,…

The Paulding Light in #Paulding, #Michigan:

Locals in Paulding, Michigan dating back to the late 1800’s have reported witnessing a large glowing #orb traversing the woods near Robins Pond Road and US Route 45, often referred to by #folklore enthusiasts as The #PauldingLight. Over time many theories have emerged about the origins of The Paulding Light, however none are able to offer a proven explanation. Some believe the light may be the #spirit of a railroad brakeman who passed away during the 1800’s, doomed to wander the forest aimlessly for eternity. Others believe The Paulding Light could be the lingering #spirits of a tribe of #NativeAmericans who once occupied the forest long before #European settlers arrived to colonize North #America. Some have even speculated that the light is caused by #UFOs, or some other type of #extraterrestrial activity. Motorists who have driven through the Paulding Light and others who have become engulfed by the light while walking in the #woods report being surrounded by shadowy #apparitions and figures, which has led some to believe that The Paulding Light could be some type of #supernatural vortex, or #portal to the #SpiritWorld. In 2010 a group of students from Michigan Technological #University conducted a series of tests and were allegedly able to recreate the same glowing lights described by witnesses by driving along a certain stretch of the nearby US Route 45, however many argue that The Paulding Light is distinctly different from automobile lights. Another possible explanation for The Paulding Light is the combustion of methane and other swamp gasses, which is common in areas like Paulding. Over time The Paulding Light has become such a well known folklore tale that signs have been erected by the Michigan Forest Service in several locations throughout the town of Paulding where the lights are believed to have been witnessed.

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The Paulding Light in #Paulding, #Michigan:Locals in Paulding,…

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