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The Passenger

Anonymous Submitted:

I have always seen things. Its run in my family as far back as my grandmother can remember. My family and I attract all kinds of paranormal activity. As I’ve grown the things I’ve seen and felt have become progressively more extreme. In this story I am 18. After a recent phone argument with my boyfriend one night I had one of the most frightening experiences of my life.
I was driving to my boyfriend’s house fuming about how things had gone on the phone. Oh he was going to get a piece of my mind when I got there. I was so angry I threw my phone across the car.
As I crossed under a bridge that I had driven under hundreds of times before something began to change, the whole atmosphere in my car changed. It was completely out of nowhere. The change blindsided me.

Then I had what I can only describe as a vision. In the vision I saw myself as I sped my car straight into the side of the bridge without a second thought. It would be so easy to rid myself of all my problems.
I was able to snap myself out of it a little as I continued driving. That wasn’t me, suicide was the last thing I would ever think about. The fight I had with my boyfriend was actually pretty minuscule and I knew that. I couldn’t figure out what would have triggered me to see or imagine that.

I was stopped at a stop light when a huge wave of emotion flooded me. I felt grief, anxiety, fear, anger and something that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up but before I could process anything I was sobbing. The kind of sobs that one lets out when they’ve lost everything. When there is no hope left and all there is is sadness. I’ve never been depressed before but in that moment I felt as though I was. I felt like I had lost a child. I was so lost and so alone.

As the light turned green and I continued to drive I had even scarier visions. I saw myself doing things I would never do. I saw myself getting violent with my boyfriend out of sheer anger. I saw myself hurting him. I hated it. I’d never experienced anything like it before.
I was so close to hysterics by the time I got to my boyfriend’s house that all I wanted was to get out of the car. I cried while clutching to him, telling him that I felt like I was losing my mind. The feeling of emptiness and total complete loss of hope still consumed me even as he tried to comfort me. He eventually got me to the couch and then as soon as all the sadness and misery had come, it was gone. The hair on the back of my neck stood up again. I felt an eerie kind of calm like the calm after a tornado has ransacked a town and left nothing but rubble behind it.
After my head had cleared I tried to recall my experience to him. It was only then that I remembered something, a girl in the back seat. I had seen her out of the corner of my eye in the rear view mirror as nothing more than a shadow in the back seat but when I looked directly at her she wasn’t there. I had brushed it off as a figment of my imagination before but I was beginning to understand.

My Grandmother had told me before that certain entities feed off negative energies when we are weak emotionally. I don’t know who the woman in my backseat was but I don’t ever want her back, she had a hold over me when I was in the car. She made me feel things I didn’t understand. She made me feel her grief and her depression.

My Grandmother taught me that the best way to deal with any kind of entity is to tell it very firmly and with no fear to leave. So I claimed the space in my car telling her she had to leave. For a few weeks after I still saw the shadow in my back seat, but I began to see her less and less frequently over time. I haven’t had another experience like that since then.

FuckYeah Nightmares Mod Gracie: 8/10 What a freighting experience! I’m glad you are safe and nothing bad happened to you because of the entity. Thanks for the chills and scares!




by cnkguy
The Passenger

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