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The Old Lady

shitonmyasscorpse submitted:

This is a story told by my aunt.

This happened many years ago, probably around the late 90s. My aunt’s friends, and cousins went down to Mexico City, Mexico for a vacation. One day, they were visiting the Plaza Garibaldi which is located in the historic downtown area of Mexico City. There was this old lady that everyone knew about and saw around the plaza. She was hunched over, looked to be 80-90 years of age, had a mean looking face, pushed a grocery cart, and was mean to anyone who was nice to her or offered her help. 

My aunt was into photography at the time so she was taking pictures. Just regular pictures. She saw the old lady around the plaza, but tried to not pay much attention to her. My aunt ended up getting a bad feeling from seeing this old lady, so she told her friends and cousins that they should leave soon. They went back to the hotel and my aunt brought up the old lady being in the plaza, but everyone else claimed to not have seen her. Which to me is weird, because this old lady doesn’t sound hard to miss. 

They enjoyed the rest of their vacation and when my aunt got back home, she developed the pictures and sort of forgot about the old lady at that point. Once the pictures were developed, she looked through the photos and in every single photo you can see the old lady in the back ground, clear as day, as if she was really there. Except for one thing: she had no face. 

Everything about the photos were perfect except for that old lady’s face. Her face was blurred or there was nothing on it at all. My aunt wondered if she did something wrong, if she didn’t angle the camera right, if she moved to fast or something happened while developing the photos. But then again, she’s the only one who saw her. When my aunt showed her mom, she told her to burn the pictures because she doesn’t want her linked to evil spirits.

I personally think that she was a witch that now haunts the plaza, and so does my aunt. Mexico in general is really spooky, and witch craft is big down there. So assuming this old lady was a witch seems plausible.

FYNK James: 8/10 Does seem that way. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Old Lady

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