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The Nightmare Dog

disaster-waiting-to-happen submitted:

When I was younger I lived out in the country in a half house half trailer dealio that was falling apart and kinda terrible. My family was pretty poor so food was sometimes scarce and nice clothing was a rarity. Kids at my school liked to pick on me for it and my mom didn’t really mind joining in. I was a really anxious and depressed kid because of all this.

So, a kid dealing with all those issues is bound to have sleeping problems and I certainly did. I would sleep walk, sleep talk, and have vivid night terrors that I’d wake up screaming and crying from. Sometimes I’d wake up after I’d walked somewhere and I’d fall back asleep and then in the morning wake up back in my bed. It freaked out my dad because he’d get up in the middle of the night to put wood in the stove and I’d just be standing in the kitchen or sitting at the table mumbling about random shit. Eventually he got sick of it and started to close my bedroom door so that I wouldn’t leave my room. Even though I hated having the door closed, I figured it was probably better for me anyhow.

After my dad started closing my door at night I started noticing weird things. It began with hearing dogs barking even though none of my neighbors had them. This carried on for a few weeks until the barking seemed to get closer and closer to my house. Eventually it stopped and I started hearing other noises like whining from the other side of my door accompanied by pawing and scratching sounds. 

I didn’t tell my parents because I thought they wouldn’t believe me. they’d chalk it all up to my night terrors and tell me to get over it.

It all came to a peak one night when my dad forgot to close the door. I hadn’t noticed until I’d already started to doze off, but by then I didn’t want to get out of bed. I went to sleep and that night I had the worst night terror I’ve ever had. In my dream I heard the sound of something padding across the floor in the hallway outside my door. When it got closer I realized it was a dog and for some reason I thought my parents had gotten a dog and had been hiding it from me so I called for it. When it came into my room I knew something was wrong. Its ears were pinned back and it snarled at me. It charged at me and started ripping me to shreds. 

I woke up screaming and crying and begging for my mom to come help me. She finally came into my room when she figured out that I wasn’t going to stop. When she turned on the lights I was covered in small scratches and bruises. I told her what I dreamed about and she was so freaked out that she called a priest and put sacred oil on my door frame. 

Shortly after that incident we moved out and I haven’t had anything like that happen since. To this day I have an irrational fear that every dog I meet is going to attack me.

James: 7/10 Weird. I have a friend who is afraid of dogs, but for like, no reason at all. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Nightmare Dog

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