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The Night the Aliens Checked InIn a suburb of Saint-Louis,…

The Night the Aliens Checked In

In a suburb of Saint-Louis, Missouri, USA, on May 15,
1970, Dorothy Simson was doing her work at her motel desk, as usual, examining
billing documents, when she heard what she described as a “whistling

She looked up and saw that four people were standing in
front of her desk. They were not normal people. They very very tiny, and looked
strikingly alike, as if they were the members of the same family. There was a
man, a woman, a boy, a girl. They all looked young, and the
“children” was almost as tall as the “parents.” But they
were all so tiny that the just reach the desk.

Dorothy saw that they all looked expensively dressed. The
males were in tailored suits, the females in pastel peach dresses. Their hair
did not look real, to the point that Simpson thought that they were wearing

In a high pitched voice, the man said:

“Do you have a room to stay? Do you have a room
to stay?”

Video by Beyond Creepy

Write up available at UFOs at Close Sight

Source: Equinox Paranormal

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The Night the Aliens Checked InIn a suburb of Saint-Louis,…

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