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the monster

alyce-in-bloom submitted 

 This is a story about something from several years ago, it isn’t really that scary or anything but I started thinking about and thought I’d share.

I think I was around ten at the time, so it was five years ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was spending a week at a Girl Scout camp like I do every summer and one day while we were walking to the lake to go swimming some of camp friends were telling me about a giant fish that looked like the Lock Ness Monster that lived in the lake. It made sense that I wouldn’t have seen it before because we only swim in a sectioned of area of the lake that’s surrounded by a dock. They were describing a creature that was too big to swim under it.

I had never heard the story before but I had been going to that one camp for several years. of course, there are several ghost stories surrounding the camp that I suppose girls made up around the fire and they spread around. I was already interested in ghosts and cryptozoology by this time so I was inclined to believe them, but I was weary that they made up the story just because I had told them I liked things like this.

Regardless, I thought about it all while we were swimming and kept looking beyond the dock, hoping to get a glimpse at it. I wanted to believe I hadn’t seen it before because I never payed attention. I wanted my friends to be telling me the truth. So once we got changed back into our clothes and started walking back I was pretty disheartened over not seeing it.

But then I randomly looked back at the lake. I don’t know why, I just suddenly had the urge to look one more time. And that’s when I saw…something. It was a dark black green, similar to the color of the lake, and was really smooth in texture. I only saw it for a moment, and I think it was just the creature’s underbelly. I was so excited at the time that as soon as I could no longer see it I turned to my friends who told me about it and gushed about how it was real. They were just as excited as I was.

I’ve been to the camp several times after that and I’ve never seen anything again. To this day I’m not sure if what I saw was real, a trick of the light, or just wishful thinking making me see things.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I want to believe, too! 5/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
the monster

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