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the man in red

soadismylife submitted:

I’m a huge fan of going late at night to pick up fast food by myself so I can take a nice cruise, listen to some music and just be alone in my car.
One night around 2am I get in my car and I go to McDonald’s to pick up a snack.
To get back to my house I have to go over two bridges, one that goes over the train tracks, and then the one right after it that goes over the river bottom.
So on my way home, I’m driving over the first bridge, it’s only lit up on certain areas of it.
So as I’m almost all the way over it, there’s a man walking the same direction I’m going but he’s wearing a red hat, a red shirt, red knee length pants, red socks and red shoes.
As I drive closer to him, I start to get a really bad feeling. I’m right next to him passing by and he comes to complete stop and just stares ahead. Where he’s standing, there’s not much light so I can’t see him very well at all so I keep driving.
Now the bad feeling I’m having starts to grow stronger as I’m almost over the second bridge. The first bridge that I just went over is a frequent place people in my town go to to kill themselves, as it’s a pretty tall bridge and underneath is nothing but train tracks. And the thoughts of this guy potentially killing himself popped into my mind and I knew I had to turn around. Especially if the next day I would see on our town’s local’s facebook page that a man in all red killed himself on the bridge last night and I had a bad feeling about this person and did nothing? I didn’t want that on my conscience.
So I popped a U-turn and went back I spotted him and he was walking again so I slowed down to get a look at him and again as I got close, he stopped completely and looked ahead, but this time as I got closer he turned his head at me and what I saw made my heart drop into my stomach; the man had no face.
There was nothing. No eyes, no mouth, no nose, no ears, nothing.
I sped up and went over the bridge and I was freaking out, I swore I saw it wrong, my eyes were playing tricks on me, something is not right.
So I turn around again (I had to anyways to get back home)
and go over the bridge again and he’s almost to the second bridge now because he started walking again and I went passed him one more time thinking this time he’ll have a face, I was just seeing things.. and nope. He stopped in his tracks again, and again I saw nothing. The fear, and dark feelings that filled me in that moment is definitely something I won’t forget.
I sped home, and didn’t look back again.
Something in my gut told me if I went back one more time, I wouldn’t be seen again.
I went inside, locked all the doors, and got in bed and just sat there.
To this day I have no idea what I saw. And now I can’t even look at people walking at night, because I’m afraid they’ll have no face.

FYNK James: 8/10 Yeup, that would do it. I really dig it. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
the man in red

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