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The man in my house.

kasimere submitted:

I lived in a four bedroom house with my mum, brother and estranged father from around the age of 2 to 17. 

It was less than normal. When I was very very little I used to be terrified of the stairs and the upstairs corridor, I could bare to be in the dark. Mum told me, when I was a baby, a black spider used to crawl into my cot… I’d scream, my mum would chuck the creature out of the house… but it’d be in my room, in my crib the very next day. Clearly, something was iffy.

The first thing truly happened when I ventured upstairs one day, my mum had a safety door. Which meant it was VERY hard to open and close. I went into her room and the door slammed, quickly and loudly. I panicked obviously, running over to open it- but something was holding the handle up. No one, aside from me, was upstairs. Things continued over the years, a dark figure would stand in the doorway of my room, pets went crazy all of the regular tropes including evps.  Shouts and screams without a body would be heard… But everyone in my family said I was being silly. Even when we had photos of a face in the window, a hand upon a wall- orbs and shadows. 

My fears were confirmed eventually, I’d bring guests in. Tell them nothing of what happened in the house- They all recounted the same things.

-Black claw like hand raking across the frosted glass of the living room door.

-A man’s voice shouting names, screaming or laughing.

-A figure of a man in the corridor.

-The upper floor of the house was terrifying when you reached the higher area of the stairs. 

-Footsteps and shadows.

-Cold, feelings of being touched. Having blurred faces seem to be in the corner of their eyesight. 

Even dreams of a black ‘demon’ with melting skin and white clear eyes making the noise of a spray can. My brother’s fiancee also heard screaming and would suddenly become ill inside the house. 

I visited my terminally ill uncle around two years ago now, he lived in the house before us and I told him about what I saw/heard over the years. He suddenly became overly invested, calling his wife in to hear. Me.

Everything I described, he agreed with. It turned out, when he was a child inside the house– he saw the exact things in the exact same places as did my grandmother and grandfather.. as did his wife. And when I first said as a child I was scared of the upstairs, he was banned from telling me anything. This conversation was left on the parting words. “Don’t be afraid of it, the dead cannot harm you.“ 

I got in a medium, who pinpointed my house without knowing the address. Claiming the thing inside was horrific. And more importantly, never alive.

If the dead couldn’t hurt me, and this thing was never alive. What did that mean it could do? The hauntings got worse and worse and I got more and more terrified until I refused to go upstairs. 

We moved out when I was 17. The street the house was on was the sight of the local ghost story, people had moved from the area after encountering ‘hauntings’ inside their homes. 2 weeks after we left, a man hung himself directly outside the house.. A woman was strangled in the house behind ours. And it was a 5 min walk away from the old sight of the town gallows. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 Oi, that’s enough material for a full horror movie.  Let’s make it happen.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The man in my house.

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