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The Magnolia Plantation

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Magnolia Plantation historic photo

The Magnolia Plantation

The Magnolia Plantation is in Derry, Louisiana was established in 1835 by Ambrose Baptiste and his wife Julia. The grounds once encompassed over 5,000 acres with 2,000 cleared to make room for cotton fields. All the work was done using slave labor.

The plantation’s historic interest comes from the 21 buildings still remaining there, which is a high number for a surviving plantation. These buildings include eight brick cabins that were quarters for the plantation’s workers. The two roomed homes were intended to house entire families of slaves, which sometimes included over 10 people.

Surprisingly, the Magnolia Plantation survived long after slavery was abolished. People would still hand-pick cotton on the farm as recently as the 1970s. The farm on the property was closed by the 1980s but the store remained open until the 1990s.

The once beautiful property was falling into disrepair but was saved in 1994 when it was donated to the National Parks Service for preservation.

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The Magnolia Plantation

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