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The Magical Girl Guide to: Death Witchcraft



Death is a daunting and controversial topic in society.

Sure a lot of our generation may joke about death lightly in various memes or ‘lol someone just kill me, I wanna die from this failure I committed’, but when actually confronted with death, some people start singing a different tune. We’ve all been affected by it some way or another, whether it be the death of a friend, family member, beloved pet, or an idol you adored. Reactions and how we are, in turn, affected by said death is variable.

Some take it better than others, others reel and take very long to recover, but it is never easy when someone reaches that inevitable ending.

As such, death witchery is a road less traveled when it comes to witches. I won’t lie and say it’s an easy path to take on. Because it isn’t, death witchcraft is probably one of the most daunting paths of witchcraft one can choose. Working closely with death isn’t for everyone and can be quite dreary on the mind, but hopefully with this entry level guide, you can really decide whether or not you truly think death witchery is a path for you. 

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You don’t have to work with gods or entities to do necromancy, you’re quite capable of it on your own. But if you do fancy working with a higher power, to hold your hand as it were, this is a decent guide.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

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The Magical Girl Guide to: Death Witchcraft

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