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The longest night


fivemeinutts submitted:

So, this was about 3 or 4 years ago now, since I was a sophomore in high school at the time. I’ve always believed in the paranormal and I’ve always felt that I’m what some would call a sensitive- I can pick up on emotions and energies of places and people, and I sometimes have random thoughts and images come into my head in places I suspect spirits to be.
That being said, I’ve had a Ouija board since I was about 10, and I’ve had ridiculous experiences with it that people almost never believe. And every time that I use it, it seems that activity in my home gets stirred up.
My sophomore year, I had a hamster named Jimi, and one weeknight in the summer I was watching tv and it was about 1 am. My brother came and knocked on my door and told me he just got home and that my hamster wasn’t in its cage. I went downstairs and sure enough, Jimi was gone. But, what was odd was that none of his doors on his cage had been disturbed, and all of the tubes were in place. I soon find him cowering in a corner, his little heart beating very fast… Which was even stranger, because usually when he’s let out of his cage, he books it. When I go to put him back in his cage on my kitchen floor, my stomach drops as I look over to see a round piece of his cage tubing, spinning in the middle of our hardwood floor.. as if someone spun it like a top, on purpose. That piece had been attached securely to the cage only a few moments before. I put him away and hurry back upstairs and get settled into bed.
About 20 minutes later, about 2 am now, I hear my older brother stomping up and down the stairs, so loud that my dad wakes up, stands at the top of the stairs, and angrily whispers, “JAKE, people are trying to sleep, quiet down!” I’m looking out of the crack in my door, and my stomach drops again, because my brother opens the bathroom door, clearly in the middle of brushing his teeth/washing his face. He says, “What are you talking about? I thought that was you or Grace.” Immediately my dad rushes downstairs and searches the whole house and finds no one.
My dad comes back upstairs and falls back asleep, and by this time, it’s 3 am and I can’t for the life of me sleep at all. Soon after my dad is fast asleep again, I hear footsteps out on the landing, pacing from what sounds like my room to my brother’s room, back and forth. My brother texts me saying, “Is that you walking?” I reply, “No, I thought that was you again…” And what was even more unnerving was that we could both hear our parents faint snoring, and whatever was walking outside our rooms sounded as if it would stop and listen for a few moments before moving again.

I didn’t sleep that night.

FYNK James: 8/10 All right, this is scary and all but I rolled my eyes so hard when you said you continually used the ouija board. Also, who gives a 10 year old a ouija board?




by cnkguy
The longest night

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